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Introduction-A reviews of Pharmacies in New York

The pharmacy in every community is one of the most-visited spots. While there are many big pharmacy chains in New York City, there are other various independent pharmacies that deserve to be explored further.

In today’s eKomi StarInsights report, the top twelve pharmacies were compared and rated on their service and advice, product range, prescription availability and speed of dispensing, pharmacist availability, value for money, and overall satisfaction. All these variables were based on ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps.

Industry Overview

According to the New York State Education (NYSED 2022) report on Pharmacies, as of the 1st of March 2022, there are six hundred and forty (640) Pharmaceuticals in New York. With such a figure, it is generally assumed that an increase in competition is the order of the day in this sector in New York.

Pharmacies perform so many functions that it’s easy to lose track of them. Their primary function is to provide visitors with personalised advice. They provide health-related information to those who request it. They are the second most-trusted professionals in the medical field for medical-related information.

Additionally, pharmacies look beyond the illness and conduct a one-on-one examination of the condition and any underlying causes that may have contributed to the illness. Despite their commitment to bringing about a strategic change in the health and wellness industry, their services go mostly unnoticed because recipients do not provide adequate feedback.

Modern consumers shop through a variety of channels. Many people start their searches online, where they can quickly compare options from multiple vendors. Reviews benefit both the company and the customers. When patients leave reviews after receiving treatment and medications, it immediately affects how another patient perceives the brand.

As a result, where there are positive reviews and the brand appears when people search for pharmacies near them, the good service is replicated in another body.

Top-rated Pharmacies in New York, USA



Number of Reviews

New London Pharmacy 4.7 98
Harmon Face Value 4.6 865
Arrow Pharmacy 4.6 41
C.O. Bigelow Chemists 4.5 142
Willner Chemists 4.5 78
Hartley Pharmacy 4.5 52
Pasteur Pharmacy Inc 4.4 61
Dichter Pharmacy & Soda Shop 4.4 38
Stanley’s Pharmacy 4.4 25
Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy 4.2 65
CVS 3.8 78
Duane Reade 2.9 76

Most-reviewed Pharmacies in New York, USA


Number of Reviews


Harmon Face Value 865 4.6
C.O. Bigelow Chemists 142 4.5
New London Pharmacy 98 4.7
Willner Chemists 78 4.5
CVS 78 3.8
Duane Reade 76 2.9
Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy 65 4.2
Pasteur Pharmacy Inc 61 4.4
Hartley Pharmacy 52 4.5
Arrow Pharmacy 41 4.6
Dichter Pharmacy & Soda Shop 38 4.4
Stanley’s Pharmacy 25 4.4

Congratulations to the top-rated pharmacies on this list. Their excellent customer service has earned them a place among the best. New London Pharmacy, is the top-rated pharmacy with a 4.7 star, followed by Harmon Face Value and Arrow Pharmacy, which are both tied in the second position with a 4.6-star rating. Duane Reade had the lowest overall satisfaction ratings of those tested, with only a 2.9-star rating from 76 reviews, the chemist was rated the lowest for their range of beauty products.

With 865 reviews and a 4.6-star rating, it has the most positive feedback. Most reviews revealed that Harmon Face Value took out the best service, the best availability for drugs and pharmacists, and health management programs. C.O. Bigelow Chemists, sits in second place with regard to the most reviewed pharmacies, with 142 reviews, and in third place is New London Pharmacy with 98 reviews.

Other pharmacies can achieve the same high ranking in Pharmaceutical search results. eKomi has a review system that improves your ability to appear when customers search terms like pharmacies near me, where can I get a prescription, and so on. This keeps your pharmacy at the top of its game! Contact us to schedule a free consultation session where you will be shown how to obtain pharmacy reviews.

You should be aware that this list is subject to change. As different patients enter pharmacies, they leave reviews. This is why, every three months, the StarInsights report will be updated to create a revised list that reflects the hearts and intentions of the customers. As a result, while reviews are beneficial to business, excellent service delivery will propel your company to the top in a matter of months! Just keep an eye out for the following list.

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