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Over three months ago, eKomi StarInsights published an article on the top-rated car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya. Due to the changing nature of businesses, technology, economies, social aspects, etc, we have generated a new category for business evaluation and rating forum. 

Today’s article is a StarInsights follow-up report, which involves a comparison of previous recorded ratings and reviews online in order to learn from an assessment experience. It’s a process that allows both businesses and consumers to reflect on the past, and reflect on what they have learnt and how the previous insights can be used to develop and better companies in various sectors. This article covers in-depth research on the top car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya as of 04 August 2022.

Industry Overview

The automobile industry is a pillar of the global economy and the main driver of macroeconomic growth and stability, and technological advancement in both developed and developing countries, spanning many adjacent industries. As such, the industry is highly competitive, and the essential nature of reviews in the sector cannot be overemphasized.

In Kenya, the car dealership industry that has long been criticised for its exorbitant costs, subpar service, and incredibly unpleasant sales procedure has transformed and continues to change before our own eyes at an astounding rate.

Car dealerships in Kenya have engaged in severe internal competition to reduce costs and satisfy consumer demands for better and more affordable vehicles and trucks. Most dealerships have now expanded their participation in the customer life-cycle value chain to improve profitability and grow in markets that have been largely stagnant.

Numerous dealerships have emerged on the market and have changed the basis of competition from designs and good products to providing services and managing consumer purchase and ownership experiences.

Similarly, eKomi understands that car purchasers have several preferences ranging from colour to engine to car seat, and when quality services are delivered, it will be apparent in the positive reviews of such business or company. These reviews could result in higher consumer traffic for such a business, and the higher the traffic, the higher the chances of the customer purchasing a product.

Here is the current list of the top ten car dealers in Kenya who have been earning rave reviews from satisfied buyers. The report will make a cross-reference to the previous rankings and the current ones accordingly.

Comparison of the top-rated car dealership in Nairobi, Kenya

Dealerships (previously)



Dealerships (currently)



Gigi Motors LTD** 4.5 158 Ineax Motors Kenya*** 5.0 49
Car Soko LTD** 4.5 140 ESR Executive | Executive Car Dealers*** 4.9 1014
Maridady Motors LTD** 4.5 140 Vozilo Motors, Nairobi*** 4.7 53
Autopedia Inc- Nairobi Showroom** 4.4 60 Car Soko Ltd** 4.6 147
Valley Road Motors** 4.4 105 MOTORHUB*** 4.5 289
Car City Limited* 4.1 64 CarMax East Africa Ltd*** 4.5 141
Riri Cars Limited* 4.1 50 Autopedia Inc – Nairobi Showroom** 4.5 65
Ace Prestige Autos* 4.1 122 Maridady Motors Ltd** 4.4 143
Al-Shujah Motors LTD* 4.1 21 Gigi Motors Ltd** 4.3 164
Autobox Motors Limited* 4.0 35 Valley Road Motors** 4.2 108

***New entry Car Dealerships **Previously top-rated *No longer in the top 10 


As of today, Ineax Motors Kenya is the best rated with an astonishing 5.0 out of 5-star rating. It recently got to first place thanks to its consistency in selling quality products, and high customer service. ESR Executive car dealers follow closely with a 4.9-star rating. Vozilo Motors is ranked third with a stable 4.7-star rating. 

These three car dealers have outshone the previously top-rated car dealers of the previous StarInsights. It’s evident that these dealers have invested in tools that enable them to improve their reputation. In the recent past, companies have shifted more of their focus towards addressing the negative comments and reviews on their product. This builds more customer trust and consequently a dramatic increase in sales.

The fourth place goes to Car Soko Ltd with a 4.7-star improvement and more reviews, although it did not manage to make it to the top three. It, however, has a higher rating and this shows that though they may not be collecting as much feedback, their services are, however, top-notch.

Most-reviewed car dealership in Nairobi, Kenya


Number of Reviews


ESR Executive | Executive Car Dealers 1014 4.9
MOTORHUB 289 4.5
Gigi Motors Ltd 164 4.3
Car Soko Ltd 147 4.6
Maridady Motors Ltd 143 4.4
CarMax East Africa Ltd 141 4.5
Valley Road Motors 108 4.2
Autopedia Inc – Nairobi Showroom 65 4.5
Vozilo Motors, Nairobi 53 4.7
Ineax Motors Kenya 49 5.0

In terms of the most reviewed car dealer, ESR Executive car dealers have scooped the most reviews, 1014. As the name suggests, the dealerships must be offering exquisite services to their clients. It is followed by Motorhuub with almost a quarter the number of reviews,289. To have such a good response from customers, the MOTORHUB must have systems in place to motivate feedback generation. 

The number of reviews collected by Gigi Motors which comes in third place is much lower compared to the first two dealers, they obtained 164 reviews. We cannot help but admire and congratulate ESR Executive Car Dealers, MOTORHUB, and Gigi Motors LTD, in Kenya for being the most reviewed dealerships, respectively. 

Congratulations are also in order for the CEOs of the top 3 companies, and the rest of the listed dealerships for their great leadership that reflects on the high reviews. Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which dealer is best for you.

eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a free consultation, to talk about how they can fully manage feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important:

Growing your business!

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