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StarInsights Removal Company London UK feedback reviews rating

Introduction into the industry of removal companies in London

Finding the best removal companies anywhere in this world takes time and is stressful. You will need the assistance of the best removal company to get through this stressful process.

In fact, hiring a moving company should not be taken lightly, as there are many unprofessional individuals out there whose primary goal is to take your money. Hiring a reputable home removal company can make or break your moving experience. But how do you pick between the truckloads of movers?

Today’s StarInsights round-up includes top-rated and best-reviewed movers in London. Local house, office, storage, and relocation services are among those provided by these businesses.

Industry Overview

London is the capital and largest city of the United Kingdom. As the country’s most populous city, people are constantly moving from one corner to the other.

The high demand for moving has resulted in fierce competition in the moving industry. People move in and out of the city on a daily basis. Many removal companies are in operation to meet the needs of the public.

The moving industry contributes significantly to the nation’s GDP each year. It employs many sub-industries, such as suppliers, storage facilities, designers, and short- and long-distance carriers. 

As part of the logistics and supply chain, moving companies are specialized and diversified. There are different types and services moving companies specialize in due to the various types of goods and products requiring special handling.

When selecting removal companies for this StarInsights report, we consider the company’s market reputation, years of experience and qualification, the number of vehicles and employees, and so on. Aside from these factors, we pay close attention to the company’s reviews and ratings on Google Maps, we consider the number of reviews and ratings and then rank them based on this rating.

Top-rated Removal Companies in London

Removal Company


Number of Reviews

MTC London Removals Company 5.0 252
Giant Removals 5.0 247
Best London Removals Ltd 5.0 150
Budget Removals London Ltd 5.0 90
London Removals Team Ltd. 5.0 78
North London Removals 5.0 60
Roberts & Denny’s Removals 4.9 206
London Removals UK Ltd 4.9 95
Shirleys Removals 4.9 83
Aussie Removals 4.8 329

Most reviewed Removal Companies in London

Removal Company

Number of Reviews


Aussie Removals 329 4.8
MTC London Removals Company 252 5.0
Giant Removals 247 5.0
Roberts & Denny’s Removals 206 4.9
Best London Removals Ltd 150 5.0
London Removals UK Ltd 95 4.5
Budget Removals London Ltd 90 5.0
Shirleys Removals 83 4.9
London Removals Team Ltd. 78 5.0
North London Removals 60 5.0

The results show that six removing companies tied for the top position. These companies have a 5.0-star rating, making them the best-rated moving companies in London. The huge differentiating factor is in the number of reviews. 

Without question, the quality of the moving companies reviews is essential. A business’s average number of stars is significant, but it should not be your only focus. Customers also look at the number of reviews you have. Therefore, the movers should too. It’s wonderful for prospective customers to see 5-star reviews and learn all the reasons why customers love your company

Regarding the number of reviews, Aussie Removals is the highest reviewed moving company in Cape Town with 329 reviews, followed by MTC London Removals Company 252 reviews and Giant Removals ranked third with 247 reviews.

Congratulations to the top-rated moving companies for their outstanding results and creative marketing strategies. Several movers are working hard to build their reviews to enhance their online reputation and visibility.

The goal of collecting consumer reviews is twofold: for the customer, to compare one mover to the next based on offers, weigh your options, and decide what will work best for you and your future move; and for the mover, to decide what will work best for you and your future move. On the other hand, the moving company can respond to client complaints, improve service, build a good reputation, and maintain its position at the top of the food chain among competitors.

It is always a good idea to thoroughly research potential companies before entrusting them with your belongings. In today’s digital world, it’s simple to read reviews on Google, conduct web searches, and keep an eye out for both positive and negative feedback.

This will make it much easier to choose moving companies that will provide you with complete peace of mind throughout the entire moving process. And, for moving companies, invest in and work with eKomi, a Google feedback company that will provide you with all solutions to properly position your business.

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