Aircraft Maintenance Industry in USA

An Examination of the Aircraft Maintenance Industry in the United States


Aircraft maintenance companies work hand in hand with airlines. Their duties include performing regular systems inspections, troubleshooting, and maintaining airplane systems and equipment. Before an aircraft maintenance company is chosen by the airline, they would have to sell themselves as the best in the business. Today’s article is based on the market assessment of the aircraft maintenance industry in the United States.

Industry Overview

In the air transport business, the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is a crucial requirement to ensure the safety and continuing airworthiness of an aircraft or aircraft component by international standards. The business jets to commercial airlines are just a few of the several air transportation operators that the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul sector supports. 

According to projections, the global market for aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) might reach a market value of $82.4 billion by 2024. (IBISWorld Research Hub

Numerous factors, such as steadily tightening airworthiness regulations and an increase in technological advancements, are contributing to the significant expansion. Additionally, fleet maintenance, repair, and overhaul are becoming more and more important to aviation players.

eKomi has tallied up the top aircraft maintenance companies in the United States after comprehensive research using the customer review survey to identify the best-rated and most reviewed companies on Google Maps. Outlined in the table below are the data collated from the research:

Most reviewed aircraft maintenance companies in the United States

Name of Company  Number of Reviews
Murfreesboro Aviation 199
Banyan Air Service 119
Jet Aviation of America Inc 59
Naples Jet Center 55
Advanced Aviation LLC 46
Yingling Aviation  43
Cascade Aerospace 40
MAC Air Group 35
D&J Aviation LLC 28
Aero-Tech Services Inc. 27

Best rated aircraft maintenance companies in the United States

Name of Company  Number of Ratings
Malibu Aerospace 5.0
Thom Duncan Avionics 5.0
Over The Top Aviation LLC 5.0
Wright International Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc 5.0
Kubick Aviation Services Inc 4.9
Double M Aviation, LLC 4.8
Corporate Air Inc. 4.7
Yingling Aviation 4.7
Banyan Air Service 4.6
Jet Aviation of America Inc 4.6

After evaluating the data, it can be noted that there’s a need for a more significant number of positive reviews as an aircraft maintenance company conducts operations responsible for the lives of millions of people. They deal with customers daily, from face-to-face consultations to giving information online, and it is paramount that other prospective purchasers of the service see positive reviews online, as they are a great influencer of choice.

The concluding information presents Murfreesboro Aviation as the foremost  company in terms of reviews, with a total of 199. Next is Banyan Air Service, with 119 reviews, followed by Jet Aviation of America Inc, with 59 reviews.

eKomi also used the ratings given on Google Maps to create another aggregate of the companies with the best ratings, as seen in the table above. The leading aircraft maintenance companies in that category are Malibu Aerospace, Thom Duncan Avionics, Over The Top Aviation LLC, and Wright International Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc, with 5-star ratings given for all companies. The second in line is Kubick Aviation Services Inc, with a rating of 4.9, followed by Double M Aviation, LLC with 4.8 stars.

While Ekomi congratulates the CEOs of the leading companies in both categories, we feel the need to point out the number of reviews because such low numbers may not be standard enough to convince others to look for the same service. We urge aircraft maintenance companies to invest in branding, marketing, and sales development through partnerships with review agencies such as eKomi, to record improvements in profits and customer relationships. We will be documenting a follow-up evaluation in the next three months and requires all companies to present a sufficient rise in reviews and ratings. 

 eKomi understands that positive reviews lead to consumer curiosity which, when paired with quality service, translates to more sales for the company. eKomi delivers positive reviews through organic surveys on as many platforms as possible and targeted marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. eKomi is also offering a free consultation to all aircraft maintenance companies to discuss the quality of service and how to pull in more customers to get the desired reviews.

Check out the blog in three months to discover the growth in reviews in the aircraft maintenance industry.

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