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An airline can be defined as a company that offers regular services for transporting passengers or goods via the air. These companies are said to make up the airline industry, which is also regarded as a sub-sector of the aviation sector and the wider travel industry.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions severely affected this industry. Today, however, thanks to huge breakthroughs, most countries’ airline services have been restored to normal. 

Moreover, due to advancements in digital technology and the prevalence of the internet, today’s travellers are taking issues into their own hands. As a result, people can view an overview of flight companies to see which ones have the best travel ratings, and which airlines have the worst passenger ratings. Today’s report is based on the satisfaction of customers who patronize airlines in Germany.

Industry Overview

Air transport is one of the most popular forms of transportation in Germany. According to Knoema Germany passengers carried by air transport were at the level of 25.8 million in 2020, down from 109 million the previous year, this is a change of 76.50% and post-Covid the number is sure to get more significant now and in the years to come.

The airline sector is particularly vulnerable to poor service. Problems can arise for a variety of reasons, such as aircraft cancellations, overbooking, strikes, detours, delays, the conduct of ground or cabin staff, or reservations complications. Unsurprisingly, issues related to flight delays, luggage issues, overbooking of the aircraft, and flight cancellation are the most common causes of complaints.

eKomi’s vision is targeted toward businesses that seek to develop through organic and consistent customer satisfaction reviews and practice techniques that will take the brand and the company to higher ground. In this report, we conducted a thorough study of the ten most promising airlines in Germany based on the reviews and ratings given by their customers, using GoogleMaps

The short-listed airline operators based on reviews were:

  • Frankfurt Airport
  • Munich International Airport
  • Düsseldorf International Airport
  • Hannover Airport
  • Bremen Airport
  • Lufthansa Aviation Center
  • European Air Transport Leipzig
  • Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
  • Leipzig–Altenburg Airport
  • Giebelstadt Airport

Most of these companies have shown a remarkable interest in client satisfaction surveys, with Frankfurt Airport being the most reviewed airport with 34,159 reviews. Most of the reviews were of the 5-star rating, with comments of good toilets and pleasant service. However, Frankfurt Airport is not in the habit of replying to the 1-star reviews online or correcting them and appeasing the customer. 

The least reviewed company is Giebelstadt Airport, with customer appraisals totaling a low 37. These data are not encouraging for an airport that caters to thousands of passengers. A lack of reviews signals a lack of patronage to prospective passengers and can scare them away from doing business with the airport, because reviews, or a lack of, tell more about the airline than what the company puts on its website.

The table below represents a tabular form of the statistics presented above, including eight other companies that are advised to improve on their customer relationship management.

Most reviewed airline in Germany

Name of Airline 

Most Reviewed (number of reviews)

Frankfurt Airport 34,159
Munich International Airport 16,951
Düsseldorf International Airport 11,130
Hannover Airport 3,653
Bremen Airport 1,504
Lufthansa Aviation Center 522
European Air Transport Leipzig 266
Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport 180
Leipzig–Altenburg Airport 65
Giebelstadt Airport 37

On the other hand, Airlines offer a vast range of utilities, including but not limited to transport, food and banking, and security, and the airline serves these amenities with the option of reviews and ratings. eKomi understands the value of ratings because, in this fast-paced world, ratings may be the only review the customer rushing to catch a flight has time to conduct. Therefore, we finalized the StarInsights assessment by comparing the ratings of the ten most-rated airline companies in Germany, as shown in the table below.

Top-rated airline carriers

Airline Carriers

Best reviewed (number of stars)

City Airport Mannheim 4.6
Mainz Finthen Airport 4.6
Leipzig–Altenburg Airport 4.6
European Air Transport Leipzig 4.5
Hahn Air Lines 4.5
Lufthansa Aviation Center 4.4
Giebelstadt Airport 4.3
Katterbach Kaserne 4.3
Munich International Airport 4.2
Leipzig/Halle Airport 4.2

In general, airlines seem to be performing well, as the average rating of the ten best airline carriers is 4.4stars. The best-rated airline is a tie between City Airport Mannheim, Mainz Finthen Airport, and Leipzig-Altenburg Airport, with the three companies being rated at 4.6stars respectively. The second best-rates airline was also a tie between European Air Transport Leipzig and Hahn Airlines, with both airlines rated at 4.5 stars.

Lufthansa Aviation Center took third place with a 4.4 rating, while Giebelstadt Airport and Katterbach Kaserne were given ratings of 4.3. At the bottom are Munich International Airport and Leipzig/Halle Airport, with both airlines rated at a decent 4.2-star rating.

eKomi salutes the CEOs of the top three airlines in both categories for their pursuit of excellent service and urges all airlines in the highly competitive industry to be prepared and contact a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce increased reviews that are organic, dependable and reflective of the airline. The eKomi team presents all airline operators with an offer to evaluate customer reviews, which includes a free consultation to determine the growth of an airline and optimize its search traffic and sales development.

Check out ekomi’s blog in three months to read our next assessment on which airline will be the best rated and which one will be the most rated carrier in Germany.

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