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An Assessment of the BMW Dealer Industry in London, UK

The reputation of German engineering is unmatched worldwide. There is unquestionably something impressive about German automobiles, whether you are referring to their history in motorsport or the way they are marketed. Today’s article is based on research into the BMW Dealer Industry in London.

BMW Dealer Industry in London Overview

Many enthusiasts have said over the years that German engineering is a gift to the modern automotive industry. Germany is the nation with the best international reputation for automotive excellence, despite fierce competition from American and Japanese car companies.

BMW is a luxury car brand that attracts customers not only based on its luxuriousness, but also the fact that it is synonymous with power and performance. All BMW car lots might seem the same, but once you start searching, you’ll likely notice a big difference.

Finding the right dealership for you could help reduce those feelings of discomfort or nervousness. In the same sense, every industry deals with consumers on a daily basis, and the BMW Dealer Industry is no exception.

While the standard of the cars is not affected by the existence of many BMW dealerships, it’s crucial to understand that customer experience from one dealership to the next is the major differentiator. When buying a car from a dealership, one would want to know the reputation of the business first. 

Starting with a little research on how long the dealership has been in business is crucial. Furthermore, the sure way would be to examine the car dealership’s online reviews to see if it consistently receives positive feedback or commits the same mistakes time and time again. This report has evaluated the top BMW dealers in London and has produced results through an in-depth study taken on Google Maps.

Most reviewed BMW dealerships in London

Name of Dealer

Number of Reviews

BMW Battersea 1,649
BMW Park Royal 973
BMW Park Lane 840
Berry Croydon BMW 465
White Rose Motors BMW Audi Mercedes Garage 318
Doves Volvo Horsham 236
MINI Park Lane 232
BMW Motorrad Park Lane 218
BMW Customz – Coding, Retrofits and Repair Specialists 138
Stephen James BMW Blackheath 74


Highest rated BMW dealerships in London

Name of Dealer


BMW Customz – Coding, Retrofits and Repair Specialists 4.9
BMW Battersea 4.6
Stephen James BMW Blackheath 4.6
BMW Park Royal 4.5
Doves Volvo Horsham 4.5
BMW Motorrad Park Lane 4.4
MINI Park Lane 4.3
BMW Park Lane 4.3
Berry Croydon BMW 4.3
White Rose Motors BMW Audi Mercedes Garage 4.1

Using data from the most rated table, BMW Battersea was the most rated BMW dealer with a total of 1,649 reviews. Second place was taken by BMW Park Royal with 973 reviews, followed by BMW Park Lane with 840 reviews. eKomi, a platform whose vision is to assist companies with development by infusing positive surveys to support natural traffic on the website and business transactions, states that these audits are not satisfactory, and the BMW dealer industry can improve client reviews.

In terms of the top ten best-rated BMW dealers and the results state that BMW Customz – Coding, Retrofits, and Repair Specialists have good ratings of 4.9stars. The lowest rating of the ten companies was held by White Rose Motors BMW Audi Mercedes Garage with a 4.1-star rating.

eKomi is pleased to see that the industry prioritizes high ratings, and congratulates the CEOs of all the best rated and most reviewed, but it also urges BMW dealers to work with rating agencies such as eKomi, to improve on customer reviews and reflect the true ratings of the company, on data given by the highest possible number of customers.

Surveys in the form of reviews and ratings today impact purchases greatly and are a manual for informing buyers about the sort and nature of services offered by the dealer. Online evaluations act as references when they produce positive reviews, which, when combined with appropriate counsel from review agencies like eKomi, equal sales growth, and overall company improvement.

eKomi will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expects all organizations in the BMW vendor industry to have an increase in surveys and reviews.

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