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Car storage facilities provide a safe, secure, and enclosed environment where you can park your vehicle to protect it from thieves, the elements, and other potential hazards. But there’s a lot to consider when selecting the best automobile storage.

In today’s StarInsight report, we have reviewed the ten top-rated and most reviewed car storage facilities in Australia.

Industry Overview

A vehicle storage facility is defined as a building or portion of a building, or an outdoor controlled-access compound, designed or used exclusively for long-term or seasonal storage of four or more automobiles, trucks, tractors, boats, mobile homes, recreational vehicles and trailers, and other types of vehicles owned or operated by a person other than a governmental entity, with the capacity to store or park ten or more vehicles per year. 

It is explicitly designed to house a car or other type of vehicle. Consider it similar to renting a garage or parking space within a self-storage facility, with similar benefits depending on the storage company and units you select, such as on-site security, gated access, and climate control.

Top-rated Automobile Storage Facility

Company Name 


Number of Reviews

Autohouse Storage | Brisbane Vehicle Storage Specialists 5.0 84
Melbourne Car Storage 5.0 22
Prestige Car Storage 5.0 15
AutoVault Storage 5.0 12
Prestige Auto Storage Group 5.0 6
Circuit Auto Storage 5.0 2
Self Storage Australia – Edinburgh North 4.9 12
VIP Car Storage 4.9 11
My Car Storage 4.9 7
The Valet Car Storage 4.3 6

Most-rated Automobile Storage Facility

Company name

Number of Reviews


Autohouse Storage | Brisbane Vehicle Storage Specialists 84 5.0
Melbourne Car Storage 22 5.0
Prestige Car Storage 15 5.0
AutoVault Storage 12 5.0
Self Storage Australia – Edinburgh North 12 4.9
VIP Car Storage 11 4.9
My Car Storage 7 4.9
Prestige Auto Storage Group 6 5.0
The Valet Car Storage 6 4.3
Circuit Auto Storage 2 5.0

The top 6 businesses on this list share the same 5-star rating. This is an indicator of the excellent services rendered by these businesses, and eKomi urges all businesses to improve customer service and online presence by prioritizing reviews and ratings in their businesses.

Although there aren’t a lot of Automobile Storage Facilities in Australia to be reviewed, Autohouse Storage leads the pack with 84 reviews. It is located on Perivale street and is open 24 hours a day, and it has been described as a secure location for cars, trucks, etc. Coming in second with 22 reviews, Melbourne Car Storage is strongly recommended as a reasonably priced and secure service, and in third place with 15 reviews, Prestige Car Storage is called the best car storage facility in Sydney. This shows the impacts of reviews on a business.

We commend the owners of the top three automobile storage facilities in both categories for their excellent services. And encourages all industry competitors to step up their game and contact a review agency, which works with an efficient team to produce organic and credible reviews. 

In addition, our team offers all automobile storage facilities to assess customer satisfaction, including a free consultation to determine a business’s growth level and boost its sales development and online imprint.

Follow up on our assessment of which Automobile Storage Facilities in Australia will be the best and most rated on eKomi’s blog in three months.

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