Best Electric Motor Stores in California

Best Electric Motor Stores in California

Electric Motor Stores in California

Technology is undergoing rapid breakthroughs and evolutions that are easing human life even more than it already is with each passing day. Automation makes manual tasks simpler and more productive than ever before. This article is based on various studies into Electric Motor Stores in California.

Market Overview

An electric motor is a device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Scientifically speaking, the electric motor is a unit used to convert electric power into motive energy or electrical energy into mechanical energy. Therefore, an electric motor store is one that engages in the sale of electric motors and is equipped with all the necessary tools and latest equipment to complete your rewinding, testing, mechanical repair, and machining requirements safely.

Electric motors are extremely important in modern-day life. They are used in vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, computer printers, fax machines, video cassette recorders, machine tools, printing presses, automobiles, subway systems, sewage treatment plants, and water pumping stations, to mention only a few applications.

By extension, therefore, electric motor stores are important, and in this digital age, online reviews and ratings are important in choosing the right one. In fact, ratings and reviews are essential to business development as they usually form the first impression with customers. So, we’ve used ratings and customer reviews from Google Maps to create a list of the best Electric Motor Stores in California.

Most Rated Electric Motor Stores in California

Electric motor repair shop Reviews Ratings
AAA Electric Motors Sales & Service Inc. 146 4.7
Ace Electric Motor & Pump 48 5.0
Hunt’s Electric Motor Services 41 5.0
Palo Alto Electric Motor Corporation. 40 4.8
Stanislaus Electric Motor Works, INC. (SEI) 28 4.5
All Phase  25 4.8
Electric Motor Shop 22 4.5
Power Electric Motors 18 4.6
West Coast  16 4.6

California has a lot of electric motor repair shops and electric motor stores, and at the top of our list, today, is AAA Electric Motors Sales & Service Inc. with 146 reviews on their services. They are followed by Ace Electric Motor & Pump with only 48 reviews, and coming in third is Hunt’s Electric Motor Services with 41 reviews. Each business had mostly positive reviews on its quality staff and ability to work easily with customers.

Ratings are also critical to the importance of your business, and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both and has rated them on StarInsights’ list of the top ten highest-rated electric motor stores in California.

Highest Rated Electric Motor Stores in California

Electric motor repair shop Ratings Reviews
Ace Electric Motor & Pump 5.0 48
Hunt’s 5.0 41
ABCO 5.0 15
Breck’s Electric Motors Inc. 5.0 7
All Electric Motors 5.0 4
Industrial Electric Machinery 5.0 3
South Bay  4.9 15
Electric Motor Works Inc 4.9 14
Electric Motor Shop 4.9 10

The majority of the listed companies are rated with 5 stars, except for South Bay Electric Motors, Electric Motor Works Inc and Electric Motor Shop with 4.9 stars. Although they are not accompanied by a lot of reviews, they are said to have great staff and reasonable prices. eKomi expresses its disappointment at this, as it shows a lack of understanding of how both can exponentially increase business sales and customer satisfaction.

Tribute goes to the proprietors of the highest electric motor stores in each category for their awesome services and urges all their competition within the same industry to up their sport and attain an assessment with a business enterprise like eKomi, which goes with an efficient crew to supply evaluations which can be natural and credible. The eKomi crew offers all-electric motor stores a proposal to evaluate client satisfaction, and this consists of a loose session to determine the organizations’ degree of boom and to intensify its income and improve online traffic. 

Please check out eKomi’s blog to study our evaluation on which Electric Motor Stores in California could be the maximum rated.




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