Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria

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An analysis of the Best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nigeria 

Introduction – who is the best internet service provider in Nigeria?

If you want to use limitless internet without any interruptions, choosing the proper supplier is crucial. Most Nigerians are accustomed to being online constantly at home and at work as speeds and accessibility continue to increase.

In a sense, “Best” is a relative term when it comes to ISPs, but after evaluating speeds, terms, and value, this StarInsights report reviews the top ten ISPs for your personal use or company in Nigeria as we have chosen to narrow the list based on Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews.

Industry Overview 10 fastest

The general definition of ISPs refers to a company that provides individuals and organizations access to the internet and other related services. Internet service providers can be set up in a number of ways, including commercially, locally or privately owned, non-profit, or otherwise. Online access is available via internet service providers with a range of technologies, speeds, and costs. This means that buyers will have several options.

According to figures from the Nigerian Communications Commission, 293,787 connected subscribers are served by 39 ISPs in Nigeria. (NCC-report 2021). Nonetheless, these figures have drastically changed, over the last year, as more ISPs have emerged to cater to the enormous demand of the Nigerian population.

The importance of having dependable internet service today, especially in Nigeria, is to connect with many people and businesses, which cannot be overstated. ISPs are there to assist in delivering the necessary network service so that people can access the internet for social networking, business, school work, or any other purpose for which they need it.

This signifies the ISP industry is very competitive and there’s a need for these providers to invest in tools that differentiate them from their competitors to gain a better market share. As for the customers

researching a provider’s reputation is a trustworthy technique to do due diligence. Understanding an ISP’s reputation is a wise way to reduce your alternatives, whether this is looking through online reviews on Google.

It’s important to see what actual consumers are saying about the main ISPs in a country. And, it is also a fantastic method to see both positive and bad comments that may indicate potential red flags, such as subpar customer service or consistently dropping lines or speeds.

As mentioned earlier, this StarInsights report is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews. For analysis purposes, we have picked HQs of the ISPs in Nigeria. It is, however, important to note that some top-performing agencies for each brand exist and some are highly rated. That said, let’s delve into the statistics.

Top-rated ISPs in Nigeria



Number of Reviews

MTN Nigeria Communications PLC 4.5 2072
MainOne 4.5 248
Zinox Technologies Limited 4.4 211
Vodacom Business Africa (Nigeria) 4.4 170
ICS Outsourcing | The Business Support Solutions 4.4 129
Cobranet Ltd 4.3 139
Tizeti Headquaters 4.3 73
VDT Communications Limited 4.3 59
ipNX Nigeria Limited 4.1 236
Spectranet 4.1 197


Most-reviewed and leading internet service in Nigeria


Number of Reviews


MTN Nigeria Communications PLC 2072 4.5
MainOne 248 4.5
ipNX Nigeria Limited 236 4.1
Zinox Technologies Limited 211 4.4
Spectranet 197 4.1
Vodacom Business Africa (Nigeria) 170 4.4
Cobranet Ltd 139 4.3
ICS Outsourcing | The Business Support Solutions 129 4.4
Tizeti Headquaters 73 4.3
VDT Communications Limited 59 4.3

According to the table above, MTN Nigeria has a commanding lead over other ISPs in Nigeria that are listed after it, in terms of both the overall reviews and ratings. The results of MTN are all the more amazing because having a good rating with large sample size is a very desirable feature, MTN has a 4.5-star rating from 2072 reviews.

The least rated ISPs are tied at the bottom of the list, SpectraNet and ipNX Nigeria with a 4.1-star rating. However, it’s interesting to note that these top-rated ISPs are commended for their customer service, high internet speed, reliability, costs, additional features, and professional response times, which endear them to their customers.

Regarding the number of reviews, MTN Nigeria is, again, at the top of our most reviewed list, with 2072 reviews. In second place with 248 reviews, is MainOne, while ipNX Nigeriae sits in third place with a competitive 236 reviews.

eKomi understands the importance of ranking, ISPs in Nigeria can request a free consultation on how to improve their online presence and receive the best public recognition. It is the review system that allows you to gather reviews that put you in the spotlight.

In a nutshell, ratings are critical two-fold, solely to a business’s importance, increasing customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. Then again, by having an understanding of the significance of reviews, consumers can save  a great deal of time and money, too, as it helps you find ISPS who can give you exactly what you need. In three months’ time, we will publish another eKomi StarInsights for the ISPs in Nigeria to examine any changes and improvements.

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