Best wineries in Franschhoek, South Africa

StarInsights - Franschhoek Winefarms

Introduction to Franschhoek and the Cape Winelands

South African’s best wineries are a category of their own, they are no ordinary wine farms and vineyards. Some of them still look like they did hundreds of years ago, while others have been modernized.

Whether historic or ultra-modern, most Western’s Cape wineries have one thing in common: visitors from all over the world flock to them every year to admire their beauty and taste their wines. This is the second part of the three part series of eKomi StarInsights that evaluates wine farms in Cape Town per location.

Overtly known for showcasing the very finest producers of an impressive array of 19 estates, Franschhoek is a town in SA’s Western Cape Province that features Cape Dutch architecture and centuries-old vineyards.

Consequently, in this report, we examine ten top-rated and reviewed wine farms in Franschhoek that generally have a decent online presence, through publicly released results from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews.

Industry Overview Wine Estates in Franshoek

The history of Franschhoek dates back to the 17th century, Dutch settlers made the place a staging post to supply ships sailing between Europe and the East. Thereafter, when the French Huguenots arrived at the Cape of Good Hope, the Dutch gave that land to the French, who brought their knowledge of viticulture to the table. Centuries later, this wine region is one of the best in the world. From sauvignon blanc, shiraz, pinotage over to chardonnay; what you find in Franschhoek are top wines along a picturesque wine route.

The Franschhoek wine valley is one of the most popular wine-producing regions in the Cape Winelands. The fertile valley has an exceptional variety of wine estates that produce some of the finest wines in South Africa. Complementing the scenery are fun activities such as wine tasting, dining, hiking, tours and also strolling through some exquisite farm shops is a wonderful option to take it all in.

When we talk of WINE RATINGS, in theory, ratings exist to objectively measure a wine. Conversely, in real life, it’s just a subjective take on how a person felt about a wine at any given point in time.  Thus, a bottle of wine can evoke different opinions in different people.

As a result, in today’s online economy, consumers have access to customer reviews for almost any product or service available. Customer experience is the currency of our global economy and is often the difference between a customer selecting your brand over a competitor.

As such, reviews and ratings play an important role in determining who gets a larger share of the market. Based on this, we reviewed the ratings and reviews of Wine Farms in Franschhoek with a primary objective to gauge customer service based on what your clients say about a brand.

Most reviewed and best wine farms in Franschhoek, Winelands

Wine Farms in Franschhoek Number of Reviews Ratings
Haute Cabrière – the home of Pierre Jourdan 496 4.4
Rickety Bridge Winery 490 4.4
Leopard’s Leap  485 4.6
La Motte  360 4.6
Dieu Donné Vineyards Cellar & Tasting Room 191 4.5
Chamonix  190 4.2
La Bri Estate 178 4.6
Paserene Wine Farm & Wine Tasting in Franschhoek 101 4.6
Pigcasso 38 4.2
Mont Rochelle 35 4.7

With 496 reviews, Haute Cabrière – the home of Pierre Jourdan is the most reviewed wine farm in Franschhoek. Followed closely by Rickety Bridge Winery with 490 reviews and Leopard’s Leap Restaurant & Wine Farm sits third with 485 reviews. These top three wine farms are commended for the valley view of Franschhoek, wide range and award-winning wines, and great customer experience.

Top-rated and best wineries Franschhoek

Wine Farms in Franschhoek Ratings Number of Reviews
Mont Rochelle 4.7 35
Leopard’s Leap  4.6 485
La Motte  4.6 360
La Bri Estate 4.6 178
Paserene Wine Farm & Wine Tasting in Franschhoek 4.6 101
Dieu Donné Vineyards Cellar & Tasting Room 4.5 191
Haute Cabrière – the home of Pierre Jourdan 4.4 496
Rickety Bridge  4.4 490
Chamonix  4.2 190
Pigcasso 4.2 38

In terms of ratings, Wine Estate – Mont Rochelle is the top-rated Wine farm with a stunning 4.7-star rating. Leopard’s Leap Restaurant & Wine Farm, La Motte Wine Farm, La Bri Estate, and

Paserene Wine Farm & Wine Tasting, are rated 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. The only difference among these wine farms is the number of reviews. From the above results, it’s important to note that ratings and reviews are significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales.All wine farms are known for their picturesque views and produce high-quality wines that have received accolades from both local and international competitions. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely wine tasting experience while taking in the stunning scenery. One thing is for sure, the best wineries in South Africa’s cape are nestled around the beautiful mountains in Franschhoek.

Best wineries in South Africa

eKomi understands the importance of ranking, Wine Farms can request a free consultation on how to improve their online presence and receive the best public recognition. It is the review system that allows you to gather reviews that put you in the spotlight.

In a nutshell, ratings are critical two-fold, solely to a business’s importance, increasing customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. Then again, by having an understanding of the significance of reviews, consumers can save a great deal of time and money, too, as it helps them find the best estate that can give the best experience.

In three months’ time, we will publish another eKomi StarInsights for the wine farms in Franschhoek to examine any changes and improvements.

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