Cape Town’s best coffee shops – an eKomi StarInsights report

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The temperature in Cape Town, South Africa (SA) has now truly and well dropped to some wonderful mild winter temperatures. More and more reasons to meet up in buzzing coffee shops to enjoy a hot cuppa with some friends or colleagues.

Cape Town is known for its love of coffee. These days, it’s impossible to wander through the city centre for more than five minutes without coming across a hip coffee shop that’s touting its ability to make the best coffee in the country. 

Given the Mediterranean weather, the Mother City stands amongst the top coffee-consuming destinations worldwide. The good news is that you can easily obtain a quality cup of coffee anywhere in the city. But the bad news is that it may be challenging to select the best spot.

In reality, you could probably circle around town five times and still be unable to locate a structure that will provide you with enough caffeine.

Therefore, in this eKomi StarInsights report, we have researched and analysed the top-rated and top-reviewed coffee shops in Cape Town to make it easier for you to choose the best spot for your next meet-up.

Industry Overview

Drinking coffee is a lifestyle and Cape Town definitely knows how to brew a cup! Furthermore, South Africa is similar to the rest of the world in that it consumes coffee as a social treat that signifies leisure and business at the same time, as well as a refreshing hot beverage needed to kick-start the day. 

The rainbow nation has a long history of producing and consuming coffee, but demand and popularity has risen in SA over the past years due to numerous coffee shops’ availability, convenience and quality.

Generally, a coffee shop is a commerce location that serves hot beverages like coffee and a small menu of selected food. They prepare and serve snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, such as juices, smoothies, frozen yoghurt, cookies, doughnuts, bagels, and coffee (etc.).

Even though 2020 and perhaps a large portion of 2021 will go down in history as the “terrible years”, some market segments have undoubtedly been less affected by the crises associated with COVID-19, at least economically.

According to the SA Business Trends 2022, the country’s coffee market is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.91% during the forecast period of 2020-2025.

It is anticipated that introducing new and improved coffee kinds with enhanced flavour and smells by established and emerging competitors in this industry will promote adoption and accelerate market growth over the projection period.

Thus, during the projected period, these variables will cause an increase in demand for various roasts and flavours of coffee. 

More people are getting attracted to coffee ‘to-go’. As such, many coffee shops and speciality cafés are opening up to cater to the rising demand for blended and flavoured coffee. This is because ‘coffee to gos’ can save time and add to the convenience of the people, as it takes less time and is convenient.

With no further ado, here is an eKomi StarInsights list of the best-rated and top-reviewed coffee shops and experiences in the city to help you plan and be inspired on your next adventure in pursuit of that crucial hot, enjoyable cup.

Top-rated Coffee shop in CBD Cape Town

Coffee Shop


Number of Reviews

Heaven coffee shop (City Centre) 5.0 59
Deluxe Coffeeworks (Buitenkant St) 4.7 413
Truth Coffee Roasting (Buitenkant St) 4.6 3125
Honest Chocolate Café (Bloem Str) 4.5 1229
Motherland Coffee St Georges Mall 4.5 610
Origin Coffee Roasting & Café Noir 4.5 582
Seattle Coffee Company (Hertzog) 4.5 324
Bread Milk and Honey (City Centre) 4.4 339
Bootlegger Coffee Company (Sea Point) 4.3 841
Vida e caffè (Roeland Street) 4.2 224

Top-reviewed Coffee shops in CBD Cape Town 

Coffee Shop

Number of Reviews


Truth Coffee Roasting (Buitenkant St) 3125 4.6
Honest Chocolate Café (Bloem Str) 1229 4.5
Bootlegger Coffee Company (Sea Point) 841 4.3
Motherland Coffee St Georges Mall 610 4.5
Origin Coffee Roasting & Café Noir 582 4.5
Deluxe Coffeeworks (Buitenkant St) 413 4.7
Bread Milk and Honey (City Centre) 339 4.4
Seattle Coffee Company (Hertzog Blvd) 324 4.5
Vida e caffè (Roeland Street) 224 4.2
Heaven coffee shop (City Centre) 59 5.0

According to Google MyBusiness Ratings, as of June 29, the top-rated coffee shop in Cape Town’s central business district is the Heaven Coffee Shop, which received an excellent 5-star rating from 50 reviews. Followed by Deluxe Coffee Works, which received a 4.7-star rating from 413 reviews. Truth Coffee Roasting held third place with a consistent 4.6 star rating from 3125 reviews.

Congratulations to these top-rated coffee shops in Cape Town; their consumers rated these cafés based on the received service and experience.

In terms of reviews, Truth Coffee Roasting registered a sky-scraping number of 3125 reviews, making it the best-reviewed coffee shop. It does not come as a surprise, given that they were dubbed the “World’s Best Coffee Shop” by the Guardian in 2020. Honest Chocolate Café (Bloem Str), sits second on the list having obtained 1229 reviews, followed by Bootlegger Coffee Company with 841 reviews.

Kudos to Mr. David Donde the CEO of Truth Coffee shop, Mr. Anthony Gird the CEO of Honest chocolate Café and the Bootleggers Coffee Co-founders namely, Pieter Bloem, De Waal Basson and Antonie Basson.

These owners and staff of the businesses listed above deserve praise for their contributions to the coffee industry. Even though they have been rated the best, they prioritize daily preparing coffee with the joy of amazing truth.

If other coffee shops invest in gathering customer evaluations and ratings to demonstrate the calibre of their services and finest experiences, they can also pioneer these lists.

In three months, we will provide a new StarInsights report to highlight any changes in this industry’s top-reviewed and top-rated coffee shops. Meanwhile, other coffee shops can work with eKomi, a company that collects genuine evaluations and ratings to assist businesses in enhancing their online reputations.


Based on the services provided and received, this analysis of Cape Town’s top-rated and best-reviewed coffee shops has produced some interesting insights on the relationships between customers and business owners.

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