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Introduction to Coffee Shops, New York

You know how the saying goes these days…a coffee a day keeps the grumpy away. Over the past decade, coffee has become more than just a beverage. In other words, the world of coffee has advanced manifolds. Every street you promenade, every food street you cross, it’s almost impossible to pass by without coming across a coffee shop

It comes off as no surprise that the day of an average millennial does not start without a cup of coffee in the morning.In fact, coffee shops have become the prime destination for meet ups, socialization, work and so much more. Because who wouldn’t wish to meet deadlines as fast as possible surrounded by an aura of roasting coffee beans and mellow music in the background. 

Therefore, this StarInsights report presents a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed coffee shops across New York City to pick out the best coffee shops in town.

Industry Overview of Coffee Shops in New York

Over the past few decades, the customer base and the production of coffee have both been rising exponentially. From the times of the leader of Yemen Ahmed-al-Ghaffar in the 15th century, it is safe to say that coffee has most definitely gained immense popularity. Without a doubt, the coffee market is fierce and blooming everyday.

Speaking of the coffee industry in the United States, about 62% of all Americans consume at least 3 cups of coffee a day. Hence, it seems about right that the coffee industry makes a whopping $100 billion dollars in revenue annually. 

Speaking of New York itself, the city hosts about 3,400 coffee shops all across the city. That’s quite a daunting figure when it comes to deciding which coffee shop to pick on a random Saturday evening. Hence, without further ado, let’s turn to some statistics about New York City’s coffee shops. 

Top-Rated Coffee Shops in New York City 

Coffee Shop Rating Number of Reviews
LÜLÜ COFFEE CO.   5.00 115
Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop   5.00  41
Polosud gelato , coffee and pastries    4.90 159
Solid State Coffee      4.90 137
Urban Backyard 4.90 113
787 Coffee   4.80 349
McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co    4.80 312
Yanni’s Coffee 4.80 174
Caffè Panna 4.80 142
Cafè Blèriot XI     4.80 137
Oslo Coffee Roasters   4.80 112
Cafe Atelier     4.80 86
Sawada Coffee   4.80 83

Most Reviewed Coffee Shops in New York 

Coffee Shop Rating Number of Reviews
Andrews NYC Diner  4.40  5,459
Eataly NYC Downtown    4.30  4,593
Best Bagel & Coffee 4.60 4,153
Ferrara Bakery & Cafe  4.40 3,734
Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe 4.60 3,512
Pershing Square   4.30 3,175
Russ & Daughters  4.70 2,968
Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company  4.50 2,665
Starbucks Reserve Roastery New York   4.40 2,639
Russ & Daughters Café   4.60 2,505
Bibble & Sip 4.50 2,415
Grace Street Coffee & Desserts 4.60 1,821
The Red Flame  4.10 1,817

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Ratings for August 23, 2022. Based on these ratings, LÜLÜ COFFEE CO. and Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop topped the list of highest rated coffee shops with a flawless 5-star rating.  LÜLÜ COFFEE CO. trumps Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop in the number of reviews with 119 reviews compared to 41 for Familiars Vegan Coffee Shop. These two are followed by Polosud gelato , coffee and pastries with a 4.90 star rating and about 160 reviews. Knowing how grilling the coffee shop market is at the moment, these three deserve an applause for being the top rated coffee places of New York.  

In terms of the customer and review base, Andrews NYC Diner and Eataly NYC Downtown are two eateries known to serve the most stellar coffee across town with 5,000-6,000 individuals complimenting their coffee online. No wonder both these places have managed to have busy customer days on Monday mornings, right before people head to work. They are followed by Best Bagel & Coffee, with around 4,000 reviews. They truly took the presence of the word ‘best’ in their name seriously. Kudos to all three of these coffee hubs for thriving in such a fierce and growing industry.

Conclusion Coffee Shops in New York

Since the coffee-brewing industry is very fast-paced and altering on a daily basis quite drastically, particularly in New York, any coffee shops that make their way to the top in the upcoming days will be reflected in the next eKomi report. Overall, this report provided a conclusive insight on the importance of business savvy and investment in promoting yourselves online. Here at eKomi, we can help you earn positive Google Reviews and promote your businesses. Therefore, feel free to snag yourself a consultation to help yourselves for the better.

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