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Correctional Facility Canada

StarInsights Correctional Facility Canada


Crime is a recurring aspect of society and societal affairs. Criminal acts are unacceptable in society and are therefore punished. However, punishment in society is ordered and can only be disbursed by the concerned authorities, who have the capacity to make such decisions. This StarInsights review looks to compare the performance of one of these institutions erected against crimes- correctional facilities.

Correctional facilities which are also known as prisons or penitentiaries are places built specially to house prisoners who have been sentenced to serve a certain number of years behind bars. Prisons are designed to keep prisoners in all through the period of their sentencing, hence they won’t be able to leave the facility at any time of their choosing until they are released on parole or their term is over.

While correctional facilities are seen as mere storage for prisoners, they do much more. These departments carry out certain programs that are instituted to help prisoners recover from any form of disconnection from their families or their normal life. Prisons provide therapy sessions, recreational periods, as well as mental development programs to help their occupants to acclimatize to prison life and also prepare for the aftermath.

Sincere reviews about the services provided within the walls of a prison can be provided online. This would in no way influence the influx of the crowd into the penitentiary. Instead, it creates more awareness about the needs met by the authorities of the place and their contribution to the building of a society.  

Top-rated Correctional services

Correctional Services


Number of Reviews

Correctional Service of Canada 5.0 3
Correctional Service Canada 5.0 1
Ontario Correctional Institute 4.0 25
Service correctionnel du Canada 4.0 4
Correctional Service Canada 4.0 2
Canada Correctional Facilities 3.6 10
Service Correctionel Du Canada 3.5 4
Correctional Service of Canada 3.3 3
Correctional Service Of Canada 3.2 6
Correctional Service of Canada 2.7 6

Most reviewed Correctional services

Correctional Services

Number of Reviews


Ontario Correctional Institute 25 4.0
Canada Correctional Facilities 10 3.6
Correctional Service Of Canada 6 3.2
Correctional Service of Canada 6 2.7
Service correctionnel du Canada 4 4.0
Service Correctionel Du Canada 4 3.5
Correctional Service of Canada 3 3.3
Correctional Service of Canada 3 5.0
Correctional Service Canada 2 4.0
Correctional Service Canada 1 5.0

The best-rated correctional facilities on the table deserves to be recognized. Ontario Correctional Institute comes first with 25 reviews and a 4.0-star rating. While Canada Correctional Facilities came second with 10 reviews with a 3.6 star-rating. 

Kudos to the managers of these facilities. Managing such a number of people with whom one has no relations could be tasking, yet they have created an atmosphere into which any prisoner can come and feel included. Their sessions are designed to provide the best experience for everyone incarcerated within their walls. This excellent care and concern for humans as expressed keeps these facilities on top of this listing.

The listing is open to all correctional service departments and facilities. This is why eKomi provides a structure that allows you to get your penitentiary to be recognized as the first among many via its review system. This system allows you to have more positive reviews about the efficacy of your facility and how it can help improve the stability of an incarcerated person.

Hence, you can access the top listing with a good number of reviews that testify to the excellence of your prisoner care service, as this report will be reviewed in three months. These reviews will mirror the services that you have provided to the previous occupants of your facility and their relevance to the modern-day reduction of crime and criminal behaviour, especially among previously-incarcerated persons.

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