eKomi’s CEO, Michael Ambros, Discusses the Importance of Authentic Reviews

“You might expect people to leave a review about a neutral experience, after purchasing or visiting, but people like to review experiences that fall to one extreme or the other. It’s the whole review industry’s natural behavior.”

– Michael Ambros, CEO & Founder of eKomi

eKomi’s CEO and founder, Michael Ambros, has recently published an article titled, “Authentic Reviews: Can Your Business Get Them Without Begging Or Buying?” The founder’s message to his partners and audience is clear and concise: you NEED authentic and positive reviews for your business. These reviews act as social proof for your business and a reassurance for potential customers that they can trust your products and services.

The biggest threat to an organization’s online reputation today is fake reviews. Even fake positive reviews will hurt your business. The temptation to persuade or pay people to post dishonest reviews is not worth the trouble. It is best to remain ethical and allow your actual customers to post their honest feedback. With technology, companies are now able to use automation to create a level of engagement for generating customer loyalty and genuine reviews instead.

eKomi is a company that businesses can rely on to ensure the production of high-quality reviews while making sure the success of your business is the main priority. eKomi has implemented strict review guidelines for our partners to protect them from content that is false, defamatory or discriminatory. Each review is screened and read by our review team to ensure the protection of our partners. We guarantee trustworthy reviews for your business.

Access the original article here on LinkedIn to benefit from Michael Ambros’s expertise on improving your business’s online reputation and reviews.

About eKomi

eKomi, The Feedback Company is Europe’s premiere & largest independent provider of transaction-based reviews & ratings. As a Google worldwide partner with over 250+ employees and headquartered in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California with offices in London, Paris, Madrid, and San Francisco, eKomi has gathered & published tens of millions of reviews for customers.

14,000 companies leverage eKomi´s social commerce solution to enable trust, increase sales, reduce returns, and drive organic traffic through self-perpetuating User-Generated-Content.

eKomi’s groundbreaking technology enables online businesses to generate seller ratings, customer reviews, product reviews, social recommendations, and create viral effects on websites, social media, and search engines allowing for a successful revenue generating impact for businesses.

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