Evaluation of Packaging Supplying Companies in Cape Town, South Africa

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Evaluation of Packaging Supplying Companies in Cape Town 

Packaging is an important aspect that plays a critical role in uniquely showcasing the brand of a particular product. It serves a variety of purposes, including commercial and personal.

Today, packaging businesses in South Africa work to meet a wide range of undeniable requirements for their clients. It can be difficult to choose the best packaging supplier because there are too many that one can be a bit confused.

In order to simplify the process, in this StarInsights report, we  evaluate the Packaging Supplying companies in Cape Town based on analysing leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews

Packaging Supplying Companies in Cape Town 

There are plenty of packaging suppliers in SA that provide the best solutions for specific needs, and most suppliers are adapting their manufacturing work to fit multiple types of products. This makes packaging suppliers a vital part of the manufacturing process.

In the world of business today, companies are increasingly conscious that not just a wonderful product, but even product packaging is required to impress their customers. Whether a buyer buys a product online or in a store, the packaging is the first thing they see, and it may make a lasting impression on a brand.

Running a business successfully depends on packaging. It may mean the difference between making a sale and missing out on a chance.  As a result, the packaging supplier’s reputation becomes extremely important. 

Thus, brand trust is among the most valuable assets a company can possess. Ratings and reviews are therefore the most popular online feature used by customers to quickly make informed purchasing decisions. For this StarInsights report, we focused on packaging suppliers in Cape Town using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps.

Top-rated Packaging Suppliers in Cape Town



Number of Reviews

LP Agencies 5.0 30
ABC Packaging 5.0 6
Carlier Packaging 4.4 32
Merrypak 4.3 268
Parrot Products 4.3 10
Packit Packaging 4.1 125
Mister Packaging 4.1 27
Clifton Products 3.7 45
Superior Packaging Industries 3.5 11

Most reviewed Packaging Suppliers in Cape Town


Number of Reviews


Merrypak 268 4.3
Packit Packaging Solutions 125 4.1
Clifton Products 45 3.7
Carlier Packaging 32 4.4
LP Agencies 30 5.0
Mister Packaging 27 4.1
Superior Packaging Industries 11 3.5
Parrot Products 10 4.3
ABC Packaging 6 5.0

The highest-rated company, according to the listings, is a tie between LP Agencies and ABC Packaging with ratings of 5.0-stars, the difference lies in the number of reviews 30 and 6 respectively. PLASTI-PAK PACKAGING is also one of the top-rated suppliers with 4.5 stars, followed by Carlier Packaging with 4.4 stars.

Reviews were not left out in this report, and can not be underestimated. In terms of the most reviewed packaging suppliers, Merrypak sits on top with 268 reviews, followed by Packit Packaging Solutions with 125 reviews, while PLASTI-PAK PACKAGING ranks third with 82 reviews.

Positive ratings increase customer traffic to the website associated with the business and promote branding, marketing, and sales advancement. Ratings also influence the customer’s choice of supplier and can be the difference between a failing one and a rising one. The best-rated packaging companies listed in the table have earned a StarInsights feature and are eligible for the eKomi trust seal.

However, it can be noted from the findings that most suppliers are not investing in improving their online presence and reputation management. As such, we expect better from the Cape Town packaging supplying companies, as we will be conducting a more extensive appraisal in the next three months. 

Companies are advised to collaborate with agencies like eKomi, which can assist in creating positive reviews that are encouraging and reflective of the establishment’s services. 

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