Examination of Dental Care Practitioners in Dublin, Ireland

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Examination of Dental Care Practitioners in Dublin, Ireland

Given the busy nature of the city and the abundance of clinics, it can be challenging to find the best dentist in Dublin. It’s critical to select the top care available because your oral health has an impact on your overall health. This StarInsights report has compiled ten of the top dentists in Dublin, Ireland for your consideration, based on customer reviews.

Dental Care Practitioners in Dublin, Ireland – Overview

According to the IBIS World report on Ireland Dental Industry Growth (2022-2027), the sector is expected to grow modestly over the next five years. A growing and ageing population, recovering disposable incomes and greater numbers of consumers with private health insurance are projected to benefit the industry.

Most dental care clinics are therefore using any tools available to gain, maintain, and improve their reputation. As a result, perceptions of a brand or business are a major determinant of your market share. Nearly all dental clinics have established client lists, certifications, qualifications, and credentials and are confident about the services and care they provide. 

Reviews and ratings exist in a reciprocal state for both dental practitioners and patients. On one hand, patients check reviews on aspects like professional service, recommendations, dentist profiles, costs, and payment options, as a selection criterion.

On the other hand, outstanding dental clinics value patients who give them positive online ratings and positive reviews. Thus, encouraging patients to go online and share their feelings about their quality work. This ultimately gives a competitive urge over other dental care clinics. Without further ado, let’s delve into the stats.

Most reviewed dental clinic in Dublin


Number of reviews

Dame Street Dental: Hi-Tech Modern Care 669
Harcourt Dental Clinic 451
Smiles Dental O’Connell Street 264
D2 Dental 159
Molesworth Dental Clinic 121
Dental Artistry 87
Smiles Dental South Anne Street 75
Empire Dental & Medical Clinic 67
Camden Dental Clinic 56
Rathmines Road Dental Clinic 46
Freedom Dental 46

With a whooping 669 reviews, the Dame Street Dental: Hi-Tech Modern Care is hailed for professionalism, excellent communication throughout treatment and the advanced technology in their clinics through the use of photography allowing the dentists to provide a visual to explain what is happening with clients’ teeth.

A close second with 451 reviews, Harcourt Dental Clinic is described as having excellent customer care and services provided. Quick to respond and offers good advice depending on a patient’s needs. In third place is Smiles Dental O’Connell Street with 264 reviews, hailed for its perfect location, and friendly staff.

Furthermore, we also compared the top ten dental clinics using Google Maps ratings. Ratings are essential because before a client clicks on the reviews of a company, the ratings must have impressed them to want to get more information. The aggregated ratings of the consultants are seen in the table below:

Top-rated dental clinic in Dublin



Number of reviews

Central Dental Care 5.0 29
Dame Street Dental: Hi-Tech Modern Care 4.9 669
D2 Dental 4.9 159
Molesworth Dental Clinic 4.9 121
Empire Dental & Medical Clinic in Dublin 4.9 67
Help Dental 4.9 35
Harcourt Dental Clinic 4.8 451
Dr. Eamon Croke 4.8 10
Dental Artistry 4.7 87
Camden Dental Clinic 4.6 56
Novadent – Dental Clinic 4.6 28

As seen above, most dental clinics have high rating scores, in first place in terms of ratings is Central Dental Care with a 5.0star rating out of 5 stars. While the rating is outstanding, it is worth noting that Central Dental Care does not have enough reviews to justify such ratings. Nonetheless, we compliment all the listed practitioners because they all managed to score an average of four point something (4. Something) star rating. 

With such an outcome shown above, eKomi wants more businesses to be aware of the correlation between online star ratings and sales. It has been revealed that customers have access to more resources and are more likely to locate a product that meets their specific needs. Therefore, a collection of reviews remains the best vehicle to rise up to the top rank for any business (request for a free consultation).

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our next assessment on which Dental care practitioners will be the best rated and most reviewed in Dublin.

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