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Exploration of Online Vape Stores in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Over the years, vaping went from being an underground phenomenon to mainstream pass time, as witnessed by vape shops springing up all over the place. The vape industry is seeing an increase in competition, and every owner of a vape shop wants to outperform their rivals. 

This is why having an online presence is essential, especially if business owners lack the resources to keep a brick-and-mortar store up and running. Today’s StarInsights report examines the best online vape stores in Abu Dhabi, based on analysing leading stores with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews.

Vape Industry Overview

The UAE is a Muslim country that follows Islamic law with unique laws, religious practices, and customs. While the rules are slightly more relaxed in some parts, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the government continuously put in place frameworks that keep all citizens in check and complaint.

Regardless, smoking is a common practise among the world’s population. The Arab world is the hot-bed for the re-emerging of waterpipe smoking (also known as hookah/, shisha), especially among youth. Countless people frequently buy vapes, e-juice, e-cig vaporizers, find CBD vape juice, mods & batteries, and other items. 

The sector is, however, highly regulated online, according to the Google Ads Policy, vaping falls under products designed to simulate tobacco smoking. Other (non-exhaustive) examples include rolling papers, pipes, tobacco filters, hookah lounges, cigar bars, herbal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and e-cigarettes. 

In the UAE sale of e-cigarettes is allowed subject to restrictions, including product standards and restrictions on contents. As a result, a lot of people have begun to check out some of the online vape shops to see what they have to offer.

Many of the stores are not only distinctive, but they have also grown to be quite well-known on their own. In this digital age, customer experience is the currency of our global economy and is often the difference between a customer selecting one brand over a competitor. Simply put, most vape customers use online reviews to make a choice before purchase, at the same time vape store business owners use this tool to promote their products online. 

Based on this notion, this StarInsights report has evaluated the top ten Vape stores in Abu Dabhi using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google My Business Profile, we curated a list of the  most reviewed and top-rated.

Top-rated Vape Store in Abu Dhabi

Vape Store


Number of Reviews

My Vapery – Vape Shop 4.9 320
Vape Station 4.9 122
Vape Here Store 4.8 128
Vape Gate 4.8 76
The Vapors Warehouse 4.6 220
DonVapes – Vape shop Hamdan 4.6 151
Vapors R Us 4.5 176
Vapor Space 4.5 110
Rider Vapes Electronic Cigarettes 4.4 105


Most reviewed Vape Store in Abu Dhabi

Vape Store

Number of Reviews


My Vapery – Vape Shop 320 4.9
The Vapors Warehouse 220 4.6
Vapors R Us 176 4.5
DonVapes – Vape shop Hamdan 151 4.6
Vape Here Store 128 4.8
Vape Station 122 4.9
Vapor Space 110 4.5
Rider Vapes Electronic Cigarettes 105 4.4
Vape Gate 76 4.8

The tables above present the stats on the best rated and the most reviewed vape shops, respectively. eKomi has gathered the data based on reviews found on Google Maps.

The top-rated vape store is My Vapery, and Vape Station both tied in the first position with a towering rating of 4.9 stars with the difference lying in the number of reviews 320 and 122 respectively. The majority of the listed stores maintained an average of a 4. (four point), rating, while differing in the number of reviews.

In terms of the most reviewed, My Vapery, tops the chart with 320 reviews, such a result of My Vapery is amazing because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature. The Vapors Warehouse stands second with 220 reviews and in third, Vapors R Us with 176 reviews.

Kudos to all the Owners of the top listed vape stores, for their great leadership that reflects in the high reviews. In today’s highly competitive industry, it is critical to maintain high consumer satisfaction ratings and gain good evaluations. 

In a nutshell, probably the biggest problem in the industry is not the different laws regulating it in different countries and states, but the denied access to paid search and Social Media ads for vapes and related products.

eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a free consultation, to talk about how they can fully manage feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important.

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