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Introduction – A Review of Ford Dealerships in Texas

It is evident that customer feedback based on Google My Business ratings can significantly affect car dealerships. Reviews are important because they help car dealerships stand out in the midst of the competition, as customers will choose the car dealership with the best reviews and excellent customer service. While reviews are an invaluable resource for customers, they can also play a significant role in the reputation of car dealerships. Today’s article is based on research into various Ford Dealers in Texas.

Industry Overview

The Ford Motor Company is an American automobile manufacturer. It was established by Henry Ford and the organization sells commercial vehicles, trucks, and automobiles under the Ford brand, and furthermore sells extravagant vehicles under its Lincoln luxury brand. Its central headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan, US, and its assessed creation yield as of 2020 was about 4.187 million vehicles.

Ford vehicles are sold, shipped, and driven all over the world, and therefore, dealerships are needed to market and sell them to people in different places. It is important for dealerships to know about these communities and how they function, and so, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, eKomi conducted a study on the best and most rated Ford Dealerships in Texas, as seen in the table below.

Most reviewed Ford Dealers in Texas

Name of Ford Dealer Number of Reviews
Town East Ford 4387
David McDavid Ford Fort Worth 4231
AutoNation Ford Frisco 3995
Grapevine Ford 3973
Jordan Ford 3624
Planet Ford 3579
Grand Prairie Ford 3579
College Station Ford 3245
Sterling McCall Ford 3051
North Central Ford 2605

With 4387 reviews, Town East Ford is our top Ford dealership in Texas. It is no surprise, as the reviews mostly speak about knowledgeable staff and good customer service. It is closely followed by David McDavid Ford Fort Worth with 4231 reviews and AutoNation Ford Frisco with 3995 reviews. This is a huge indicator that the Ford company understands the importance of reviews to a company’s online footprint, as even the bottom 2 dealers, Sterling McCall Ford and North Central Ford, have 3051 and 2605 reviews each.

Ratings are also very important to an organization’s significance, and over the long haul, they support consumer loyalty and deals. eKomi comprehends the significance of appraisals thus, we finished the StarInsights evaluation by assembling a rundown of the top ten highest-rated Ford Dealers in Texas.

Top-rated Ford Dealers in Texas

Name of Ford Dealer Rating
College Station Ford 4.7
Town East Ford 4.5
Jordan Ford 4.5
Grand Prairie Ford 4.3
Sterling McCall Ford 4.3
North Central Ford 4.3
David McDavid Ford Fort Worth 4.2
Grapevine Ford 4.2
Planet Ford 4.2
AutoNation Ford Frisco 4.1

Each Ford dealership rating works hand in hand with its reviews to show that they provide customers with a pleasant experience and make them feel like part of a family, both physically and digitally. 

eKomi compliments the CEOs of the top three Ford dealerships on both lists for their excellent services and urges every one of their rivals in the business to up their game and contact a review agency like eKomi, which works with a proficient group to create surveys that are natural and valid. The eKomi team presents all Ford dealerships with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, and this includes a free consultation to discern the business’s level of growth and to heighten its sales development and online search traffic.

In three months, please check out eKomi’s blog to read our follow-up assessment on which Ford dealers will be the best and most rated in Texas.

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