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An Analysis of the Petrol Station Service Industry in Cape Town, Western Cape

Introduction to Cape Town fuel stations

eKomi StarInsights reports is an ongoing series on market research data for a specific industry that highlights top companies with a sizable number of favorable customer ratings and reviews. Today’s article covers the Gas Station Service industry in Cape Town Metro.

Since the invention of gas-powered vehicles, gas stations have been commonplace. Often referred to as a petrol station, filling station, or service station, the primary aim is to sell fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles.

The industry has a very competitive market,  with each gas station striving to outdo the other in service. Some have gone out of their way to provide extra services, like convenience stores, which may sell confections, beverages, tobacco products, etc.

Determining the right filling station to refill your vehicles can be tough due to the large number of stations and services. Therefore, we have compiled a report in light of Google Maps audits and evaluations to rank the top-of-the-line and best-reviewed gas station services in Cape Town.

Industry Overview Gas and Petrol Station Companies

According to the South African Petroleum Retailers Association (SAPRA), gas and service stations significantly impact the South African economy. Gas stations have shown to be a recession-resistant industry, generating good profits even in periods of weak economic expansion and rand instability. With a market share of more than 20%, SA is the continent’s most prominent fuel consumer, with a combined yearly turnover of over a 200billion.

There are around 5000 service stations in the country; however, only six businesses dominate the market, these are Engen, Shell, BP, Sasol, Total, and Caltex. Many businesses fall under franchises of these big names, with a few independent ones.

Therefore, we are ranking gas stations today to help owners improve their online reputation rather than focusing on the market leaders. Furthermore, in a bid to survive in this industry, most facilities across the country have diversified services to gain a bigger chunk of consumers.

Others have expanded their principal businesses to convenience stores, offering fuel advice and selling propane or butane. On the other hand, certain establishments, such as classic convenience stores, supermarkets, and discount and warehouse clubs, have installed petrol pumps on the premises. Here are the top-rated and top-reviewed Gas filling up places in Cape-Town Metro District.


Top-rated Gas Stations

Gas Station


Number of Reviews

Total Energies Seapoint 4.5 23
Total Paarden Eiland 4.4 121
Caltex Kenilworth Motors 4.3 266
Caltex Howard Center 4.2 428
Engen Vineyard Service Station 4.2 142
Winch Motors 4.2 135
Engen Oranje 4.1 696
BP Koeberg 4.1 296
Shell Bo-Kaap Service Station 4.1 284
Shell (Marine Drive) 4.1 159


Top-reviewed Gas Stations

Gas Station

Number of Reviews


Engen Oranje 696 4.1
Caltex Howard Center 428 4.2
BP Koeberg 296 4.1
Shell Bo-Kaap Service Station 284 4.1
Caltex Kenilworth Motors 266 4.3
Shell (Marine Drive) 159 4.1
Engen Vineyard Service Station 142 4.2
Winch Motors 135 4.2
Total Paarden Eiland 121 4.4
Total Energies Seapoint 25 4.5

eKomi is satisfied to report that the survey of the service industry in Cape Town Metro delivered good appraisals. The three highest-rated companies, as per Google Maps, are Total Energies Sea Point, Total Paardien Eiland, and Caltex Kenilworth Motors, with ratings of 4.5-stars, 4.4-stars, and 4.3-stars, respectively.

Runner-up is a tie between three organizations delivering ratings of 4.2-stars. The three organizations are Caltex Howard Motors, Engen Vineyard, and Winch Motors. The least rated gas service is also tied between four organizations with a 4.1-star rating: Shell Marine Drive, Shell Bo-Kaap, Engen Oranje and BP Koeberg.

Our evaluation also looked at the gas station’s ranking in terms of the number of reviews. Engen Oranje is the top reviewed gas facility with 696 reviews, followed by Caltex Howard Centre with 428 reviews, and BP Koeberg ranked third with 296 reviews.

We salute the listed service companies CEOs in the two classifications and commend them for reliably creating quality help that results in positive reviews. Notwithstanding, we ask all petrol organizations to work with survey agencies like eKomi to enhance the number of reviews.

Conclusion to the analysis of South Africa service stations

Positive reviews increase client traffic to the company’s website and advance the marking, marketing, and sales progression. Ratings likewise impact the client’s decision of a business to buy and can be the distinction between whether an organization sinks or swims

Free consultations are being offered by eKomi to discuss with prospective clients the best way to increase online good reviews and offline natural consumer traffic. By conducting studies on customers’ various preferences, eKomi seeks to strengthen branding in relation to web-based media and further develop services.

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