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The institution of marriage remains a core bedrock of human society from time immemorial. This StarInsights report analyses the importance of marriage bureaus in their roles as matchmakers and advisers, especially for young adults who are planning to marry as well as adults who may have been married for a long time. This StarInsights report also shows how important customer reviews are to any business, including marriage license bureaus.

Marriage bureaus are set up to issue marriage licences and certificates. These licences are necessary proofs to show the validity of your marriage. By implication, having a marriage certificate or licence influences your tax payment cycle, mortgage application, change of name, banking, and insurance. This highlights the importance of these bodies in the running of individual and social life.

These marriage licences as issued by marriage bureaus consist of birth certificates, an ID, proof of citizenship, the full names of your parents and other related information, and your social security number. It is the responsibility of the marriage licence bureau to confirm the authenticity of these documents. They research the validity of these documents to confirm a person’s eligibility to get married not only as a citizen but also as a person. 

For instance, someone under 18 cannot be legally married even if the parents approve of such a union. However, the efforts that marriage licence bureaus put into the marriage bureaus can be more recognized and appreciated when there is a significant number of reviews about the services they provide. These reviews not only show the quality of services that the bureaus give, but it also helps other prospects when they set to choose a marriage bureau as well.

eKomi’s best-rated Marriage License Bureaus in the UK

Mediation Services




Southampton Register Office 4.7 34
Embassy of Switzerland 4.5 107
Hounslow Register Office 4.5 73
Islington Town Hall 4.4 92
Trafford Register Office 4.0 1
Westminster Register Office 4.0 53
Liverpool Register Office 3.8 25
Malaysian High Commission 3.7 153
Devon County Council – Registration Service Department 3.7 11
HM Passport Office, Belfast 3.6 88

eKomi’s most-rated Marriage License Bureaus in the UK

Mediation Services Website Reviews  Ratings 
Malaysian High Commission 153 3.7
Italy Visa Application Centre 152 2.3
Embassy of Switzerland 107 4.5
Islington Town Hall 92 4.4
HM Passport Office, Belfast 88 3.6
The Legalisation Office 74 2.5
Hounslow Register Office 73 4.5
High Commission for Trinidad and Tobago 63 3.8
General Register Office 48 2.6
Westminster Register Office 53 4.0

Congratulations to the best-rated bureaus in the above listings. Their marriage licensing services as a bureau have so far been satisfactory to people who have used them. The Malaysian High Commission led the charts with a 3.7-star rating from 153 reviews. The Embassy of Switzerland comes next with 107 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The last on the list of the top three bureaus is the Hounslow Register Office comes next also with 73 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

Kudos to the management of all three marriage licence bureaus. They have shown that the marriage business can be engaging for their customers. They have done by prompt attention to the needs of prospects and customers over time by promptly responding to their needs such as the issuance of marriage licences, change of name certificates or recommendations for such.

Your marriage bureau can also top this list with the right amount of reviews to show that you are capable of delivering stellar marriage services in your municipality. eKomi provides a platform that allows you to get honest reviews about your business that will convince other people to use your services. The adequate number of reviews put you in the limelight for marriage-related services.

Look out for an updated StarInsights report in three months. This is done to review the quality of service that had been provided over some time. As such, when bureaus provide more service to more people, they get newer reviews which will change their positions over time. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand that while having a quality number of reviews is good, it is necessary to also provide good quality services. 

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