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Introduction to hotels in New York

“One belongs to NYC instantly, one belongs to it as much in 5 minutes as in 5 years.”

There is no doubt about the fame New York City has gathered over the years. From movies to celebrity presence and from luxury to budget, this city as it all. Therefore, it goes without saying tha everyone should go visit New York City at least once.

While the more, the merrier, choosing where to say when in New York City can be a hefty task if you’re visiting the city for the first time ever. Therefore, this StarInsights report presents a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed hotels and inns across New York City to help you decide where you should reside based on the goals you have from your trip to this city. We wish to ensure your touristy dreams do come true.

Industry Overview hotels in New York

Ever since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to die down, there has been a tremendous surge in the number of tourists all across the globe. Since the hotel and tourism industry go hand in hand, the hospitality market has become more relevant as of late. Thus, the hotel industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 5.5% in the next five years. 

Looking into the hospitality marketplace in the United States, American hotels and inns alone are a source of income for around 8 million individuals, making a revenue of about $167 billion annually. Speaking of New York itself, the city hosts about 50,000 individuals in 700 hotels across town. Therefore, without a doubt, the hotel market is fierce and blooming everyday.

Knowing you could pick and choose from so many hotels can become daunting as a tourist with not much insight into the city’s demographics and areas. Hence, without further ado, let’s turn to some statistics about New York City’s shopping centres. By the end of this report, we’d hope you know exactly where to go when you’re looking to spend a day out in NYC.

Top-Rated Hotels in New York City 

Hotel Rating Number of Reviews
Conrad New York Downtown  4.70 3,027
Park Hyatt New York  4.70  1,240
Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown    4.70 936
Artezen Hotel     4.70 395
NobleDen Hotel  4.70 333
Hotel Giraffe by Library Hotel Collection  4.70 278
Park Terrace Hotel  4.70 165
Merrion Row Hotel and Public House 4.70 80
citizenM New York Times Square Hotel    4.60 1,949
The NoMad Hotel    4.60 1,744
The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel      4.60 1,472
The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York   4.60 1,320
The St. Regis New York  4.60 1,301

Most-Reviewed Hotels in New York 

Hotel Rating Number of Reviews
Hotel Pennsylvania  2.80 17,131
New York Marriott Marquis 4.40  11,917
New York Hilton Midtown 4.20  9,527
Row Hotel    3.70 9,373
The New Yorker Hotel     4.00 8,239
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel    4.10 8,137
The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel  4.00 7,132
YOTEL New York    4.10 6,692
The Plaza  4.50 6,668
Hotel Riu Plaza New York Times Square  4.40 6,459
The Roosevelt Hotel     3.70 6,130
Grand Hyatt New York  4.20 5,644
Hotel Edison  3.80 5,450

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Ratings for August 28, 2022. As of this day, Conrad New York Downtown is rated the highest with a 4.7-star rating and over 3,000 reviews. Park Hyatt New York and Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown are both right below Conrad, with the same rating but slightly lower reviews. Nevertheless, kudos to both Hilton (owner to Conrad New York Downtown) and the Marriot International Group (owner to Park Hyatt New York) for making it to the top three rated hotels in a very competitive industry. 

In terms of the number of reviews, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York Marriott Marquis and New York Hilton Midtown have topped the ranks with between 10,000 to 20,000 reviews. Out of these three, Hotel Pennsylvania has the highest number of reviews being 17,131with the rating of 2.8-star. It must be noted, however, that there is a possibility for improvement in the rating stars. Regardless, an applause to both the Mariott International and Hilton for having their hotels in the top-reviewed ranks as well, with  New York Marriott Marquis at 11,917 reviews and New York Hilton Midtown at 9,527. It is truly commendable that they were able to attract welcoming reviews in such a grinding and fierce industry. 

Conclusion hotel industry New York

Since this industry is very fast-paced and altering on a daily basis, particularly in New York, any hotels that trump these in the upcoming days will be reflected in the next eKomi report. Overall, this report provided a conclusive insight on the importance of business savvy and investment in promoting yourselves online. Here at eKomi, we can help you earn positive Google Reviews and promote your hotel businesses. Therefore, feel free to snag yourself a consultation.

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