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Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s probably your fault.’

Myrna Loy probably referred to New York’s bustling shopping streets and centres as she verbalized this thought of hers. With about 10,000 different stores within, New York City’s 70 shopping centres rank among the top ten most visited centres across the globe. These sky-scraping buildings have everything you could need, from groceries, electronics, and house care to self-care and health to lifestyle. 

While the more, the merrier, choosing which one of the shopping centres to go to on a regular Wednesday evening for grocery shopping or hang out with friends for a relaxing Saturday might seem like a hefty task. Therefore, this StarInsights report presents a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed shopping centres across New York City to help you decide where you should head to more easily. 

Industry Overview 

It comes off as no surprise that the shopping centre market is a remarkably competitive one these days. Unfortunately, the shopping industry in the US has been declining faster than its economy in the past five years, i.e., 2017-2022. More specifically, the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly difficult for US shopping centres, where about 5000 of them closed down in just 2020. Nevertheless, with the curfew and pandemic restrictions being lifted this year, new-found faith that the industry will flourish again is up in the air. Economists have predicted that shopping centres will grow with a CAGR of 5.9% within the upcoming six years. This is good news for retail stores, shopping centre owners, and customers alike since not only does everyone in New York love shopping, but an annual revenue of about $2 billion is exchanged in the industry.

Hence, without further ado, let’s turn to some statistics about New York City’s shopping centres. By the end of this report, we’d hope you know exactly where to go when you’re looking to spend a day out in NYC.

Top Rated Shopping Centres in New York City 

Shopping Centre


Number of Reviews

ShareShopShip  5.00 285
FDNY  4.80  119
Times Square   4.80  17,8708
Rockefeller Center  4.80 14,6505
One World Trade Center  4.80 19,931
Nintendo NY 4.80 14,361
New York City Center 4.80 1,981
Memories of New York  4.80 624
World Trade Center  4.80 584
75 Rockefeller Plaza   4.80 426
B&B Couture   4.80 262
Westfield World Trade Center  4.70 44,405
Brookfield Place  4.70 16,657
Hudson Yards 4.70 5,619

Most Reviewed Shopping Centres in New York 

Shopping Centre


Number of Reviews

Times Square 4.70 17,8708
Rockefeller Center  4.70  14,6506
Macy’s 4.40  61,555
Westfield World Trade Center 4.60 44,405
Chelsea Market  4.50 40,022
M&M’S World New York   4.40 29,704
Queens Center  4.40 26,571
The Mall at Bay Plaza   4.40 22,173
One World Trade Center 4.70 19,931
Gateway Center  4.40 19,762
Brookfield Place  4.60 16,657
Kings Plaza Shopping Center 4.30 16,443
Atlantic Terminal Mall  4.30 14,492
Nintendo NY 4.70 14,361

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from the official Google My Business Ratings for August 21, 2022. As of this date, ShareShopShip ranked the highest with a perfect 5-star rating and above 200 customer reviews. This was followed by FDNY and Times Square, both of which had ratings of 4.8 stars. While both of them have the same ranking, Times Square trumps FDNY in the number of reviews by a massive margin. Overall, these three shopping centres can give you a prime shopping experience

In terms of the plethora of reviews, it is to be expected that Times Square wins the race with a whopping 180,000 reviews. No wonder the area is one of the busiest pedestrian squares across the globe! Following Times Square in terms of reviewing is Rockefeller Center, a shopping centre with a historical touch. Last but not the least is Macy’s, with about 61,000 reviews. Thus, if you visit New York City, don’t forget to take a stroll around these three. All three of these shopping centres have spent years building their customer base and attractiveness. Therefore, kudos and well-deserved applause to them for being able to attract such welcoming reviews in the fierce and competitive US shopping industry. This is definitely worth appreciating.


Since this industry is very fast-paced and altering on a daily basis, particularly in New York, any shopping centres that trump these in the upcoming days will be reflected in the next eKomi report. Overall, this report provided a conclusive insight on the importance of business savvy and investment in promoting yourselves online. Here at eKomi, we can help you earn positive Google Reviews and promote your businesses. Therefore, feel free to snag yourself a consultation.

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