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The notary public service of any country is a significant part of their legal system. Documents (whether hard or electronic copy) are an essential part of the legal life of every citizen. This StarInsights report looks to compare the capacities of notary public services across the country in a bid to measure their satisfaction with public needs that relate to legal documents such as affidavits and a sundry of related documents.

Notary public servants serve a pivotal purpose in the day-to-day running of the legal system of the country. A notary public wields the power of a commissioner to take affidavits, verify signatures, and verify the genuineness of a document. This means that every document that requires a legal stand to execute must go through the notary public, essentially. This duty is performed by every lawyer and paralegal.

Some documents that the notary public can verify, cancel, and sign include affidavits for purposes such as a small claim in a family court, transferring ownership of a vehicle as a gift, transferring ownership of a vehicle in a sale, and application for a zoning variance. This notary public who is also sometimes called a commissioner of oaths performs these essential functions, mostly without getting enough recognition for their efforts. The legal system has made the judge and jury at the forefront of its structure.

These commissioners of oath go all out to find out the authenticity of a document before approving it. Reviews, however, are very important in making other members of the public realize and understand the quality of service that a notary public offers. As such, where there are more trustworthy reviews about notary public services, people will be able to choose from the variety of options that have been reviewed by previous customers.

eKomi’s best-rated Notary Public in Canada

Notary Public  Website Ratings  Reviews 
Online Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths 5.0 266
Valu-Notary 5.0 179
Notary Pro 5.0 104
Notarizers. Notary Public Services by Lawyers 4.9 1078
Downtown Rotary 4.9 462
Red Seal Notary 4.8 345
Toronto Notary Public 4.8 118
Notary Pro 4.8 74
Boundary Notaries 4.8 42
Walk-In Notary (Mississauga) 4.6 128

eKomi’s Most-rated Legal Service in the Canada

Legal Service 




Notarizers. Notary Public Services by Lawyers 1078 4.9
Notary Pro 857 4.9
Downtown Notary 462 4.9
Red Seal Notary 345 4.8
Online Notary Public & Commissioner of Oaths 266 5.0
Valu-Notary 179 5.0
Walk-In Notary (Mississauga) 128 4.6
Toronto Notary Public 118 4.8
Novel Notary Public Services Inc-RCMP Accredited Fingerprints Agency 115 4.4
Notary Pro 104 5.0

Cheers to the three best-rated notary public in Canada. As it were, they have been exemplary in creating good service delivery for their service users. Notarizers. Notary Public Services by Lawyers lead the charts with 1078 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. They are followed next by Notary Pro which averaged a 4.9-star rating from 857 reviews. The third is Downtown Notary which also had a 4.9-stare rating but received 462 reviews.

Congratulations to the CEOs of these legal firms. They have created a satisfactory and excellent legal service delivery for their customers via quality legal services and commitment to improvement. The lawyers and paralegals in the firms have also upheld the tenets of law by upholding the truth in the verification of necessary documents for the transfer of properties, among other purposes.

Your law and paralegal firms can also top this listing by leveraging eKomi’s review system, which allows legal firms to gain visibility among their target audience through reviews. Real-time reviews are necessary to show prospects of the quality of service your law firm offers. It is not enough to have great service, it is necessary to have a good customer base that keeps talking about your services.

This StarInsights report will be reviewed in three months. This period creates a window of opportunity for your company to top the listing during the next review. However, you must keep up excellent legal service delivery. Gaining a viable customer base could prove seamless, however, sustaining that market is the fuel you need to stay on top of the leaderboards!

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