Online Pet Supply Stores in Cape Town

Online Pet Store Cape Town

Introduction – Analysis of Online Pet Supply Stores in Cape Town 

Whether you’re a well-versed pet owner or a first-timer, shopping for your pet can be both exciting and intimidating. Inevitably, every keeper always wants the best for their pets because they bring so much joy, but finding the right pet supply stores for all the goodies to keep them happy isn’t easy. 

When it comes to pets, there are numerous brands to choose from.  In order to find out which are the best Online Pet Supply Stores in Cape Town, today’s StarInsights report analyses Pet Stores based on publicly available data from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated rating and review system.

Industry Overview Online Pet Supply Stores

Online Pet Stores are better understood as suppliers of accessories and products over the internet. Collars, leashes, health and beauty aids, medication, toys, pet carriers, and furniture are some of the products available from online pet supply stores.

Pet ownership increased in SA as the pandemic kept people at home and alone. Post-Covid19, as a result of increased pet ownership, the sale of goods in the pet care market has increased and the pet food industry has been well-developed. 

According to the SA Pet Care Industry Report 2021, the country’s pet industry is worth R7.1 billion and is expected to grow 2.5% between 2021 and 2026. Furthermore, rising demand for premium pet food and online animal pharmaceutical sales aided industry expansion.

With this expansion of an industry, it is generally assumed that an increase in competition is the order of the day in this sector. Therefore, prices and service are the most important factors influencing choice when the product is a commodity. 

However, keeping in mind that every business owner’s primary goal is to make money. In this highly competitive industry, having numerous positive online reviews is a must-have in attracting pet owners and their pets. 

In fact, Pet stores with the most reviews and the highest average ratings will receive more traffic, both digitally and physically, than those with few reviews or a high number of negative reviews compared to positive ones.

Top-rated Online Pet Supply Stores in Cape Town

Online Pet Stores Ratings Number of Reviews
Barking Mad Pet Products (Pty) Ltd. 5.0 199
Vondis 4.6 108
Planet Woooof Pet Store 4.5 112
Pet Mania 4.5 99
Waggs Online Pet Shop 4.5 97
Panorama Pet Shop 4.4 1884
Absolute Pets Welgemoed 4.3 469
Petworld XXL N1 City 4.2 2125
Perky Pets 4.2 912
Pet Adventure 4.2 534


Most reviewed Pet Supply Stores in Cape Town

Online Pet Store Number of Reviews Ratings
Petworld XXL N1 City 2125 4.2
Panorama Pet Shop 1884 4.4
Perky Pets 912 4.2
Pet Adventure 534 4.2
Absolute Pets Welgemoed 469 4.3
Barking Mad Pet Products (Pty) Ltd. 199 5.0
Planet Woooof Pet Store 112 4.5
Vondis 108 4.6
Pet Mania 99 4.5
Waggs Online Pet Shop 97 4.5

Barking Mad Pet Products received the best position in our list of the ten BEST RATED companies, occupying the top position with a perfect 5 out of 5-Star Rating. Vondisis ranked second with a 4.6-star rating while, Planet Woooof Pet Store, Pet Mania, and Waggs Online Pet Shop are tied for third place in the best-rated Online Pet Stores, with a stable 4.5 star-rating.

What is noteworthy in this list of the best-rated Online Pet Stores is that the dominant store, Barking Mad Pet Products, has far outperformed its competitors by accumulating a significant number of reviews and an absolutely perfect 5/5-Star Rating. To reach the target, all other Online Pet Suppliers must make immediate and effective efforts.

Petworld XXL N1 City is on the top of the list and is currently the most reviewed Online Pet Store gathering the impressive number of 2125 active reviews through Google aggregated seller. Panorama Pet Shop follows on the second-best position with fewer than reviews from the best and a total of 1884. Perky Pets occupies position number three with almost  a third of the most reviewed with 912 reviews.

Congratulations to the CEOs of the top listed Online Pet Stores in both categories, for their great leadership that reflects in the high reviews. There is still opportunity, and it will be interesting to see how these Online Pet stores react in the coming three months and challenge their ranking on our StarInsights follow-up report.

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