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Report on the Car-Hire Services in Cape Town

StarInsights feedback reviews

StarInsights feedback reviews Car Hire Cape Town

Introduction to car-hire services in Cape Town, South Africa

eKomi StarInsights published an article on the top-rated car-hire services in Cape Town, SA, more than three months ago. We have created a new category for business evaluation and rating forums due to the changing nature of businesses, technology, economies, social aspects, and so on.

Today’s article is a StarInsights follow-up report that compares previously recorded ratings and reviews online in order to learn from an assessment experience. It is a process that allows both businesses and consumers to reflect on the past, what they have learned, and how previous insights can be used to develop and improve companies in a variety of industries. This article contains extensive research on the top car-hire service in Cape Town as of August 19, 2022.

car-hire Overview

The car hire sector, which spans many adjacent industries, is a pillar of the country’s economy and the primary driver of macroeconomic growth and stability, as well as technological advancement in both developed and developing countries. As a result, the industry is highly competitive, and the importance of reviews in the sector cannot be overstated.

In today’s world, car rental services are critical. With the rate of congestion and pollution, almost all cities around the world have some form of car rental service that transports passengers from one location to another. 

This will greatly benefit the environment while also providing employment for a number of drivers. South Africa is a popular tourist destination around the world, and car services thrive in that environment due to the large number of people who visit the country on a daily basis to enjoy the wildlife and natural scenery.

Numerous car hire service companies have emerged in the Cape Town market and have changed the basis of competition from car designs, prices, and quality services. Previously we rated car hire businesses based on the quality of service and due to the fact that employees involved in the service interact with customers face to face every day, it is paramount to rate the quality of service to determine a business’ place in the competitive industry.

Here is the most recent list of the top ten car hire services in Cape Town, as rated by satisfied customers. The report will include a cross-reference to previous rankings as well as current rankings.

Comparison of the top-rated car hire services in Cape Town

Car Hire Service (Previously rated)


Car Hire Service (Current Ratings)


Smart Car Hire 4.9 WIGGLE CAR HIRE 4.9
Wiggle Car Hire 4.9 Smart Car Hire** 4.8
Cobra Experience 4.8 Cobra Experience 4.7
Around About Cars 4.5 AroundAboutCars – Car Hire Cape Town 4.6
Flex Club* 4.1 Motus Ford, Cape Town 4.3
Drive South Africa 4.1 Sixt Rent a Car – Cape Town 4.2
Bluu Car Rental 4.0 Rentacheapie Car Hire *** 4.1
Motus 3.8 Drive South Africa** 4.1
Avis 3.5 Bluu Car Rental Cape Town City Centre 3.9
Sixt 3.5 AVIS Rent a Car – Cape Town Downtown** 3.5

***New entry Car Dealerships **Previously top-rated *No longer in the top 10

As of today, Smart Car Hire is the best rated with an astonishing 4.9 out of 5-star rating. It recently got to first place from the second position in the last StarInsights review, thanks to its consistency in quality customer service. Wiggle Car Hire follows closely with a 4.8-star rating and is the first car hire dropping from the top position to second. Cobra Experience is ranked third, and they have managed to keep the spot, however, they also dropped from 4.8stars to a 4.7-star rating. 

It’s evident that these dealers have invested in tools that enable them to improve their reputation. In the recent past, companies have shifted more of their focus towards addressing the negative comments and reviews on their product. This builds more customer trust and consequently a dramatic increase in sales.

Additionally, we also evaluated the number of reviews each car hire agency has received from the previous StarInsights review and the current reviews as aggregated on Google Maps.

Comparison of the most-reviewed car hire service in Cape Town

Car Hire Service (Previously reviewed)

Number of Reviews

Car Hire Service (Current Reviews)

Number of Reviews

Drive South Africa 511 Rentacheapie Car Hire 895
Avis 511 Drive South Africa 550
Around About Cars 327 AVIS Rent a Car – Cape Town Downtown 529
Hertz 257 Motus Ford Cape Town 401
Bluu Car Rental 212 AroundAboutCars – Car Hire Cape Town 334
Motus 167 Sixt Rent a Car – Cape Town 305
Thrifty Car Rental 100 Bluu Car Rental Cape Town City Centre 220
First Car Rental 94 WIGGLE CAR HIRE 89
Wiggle Car Hire 85 Cobra Experience 77
Conrad Experience 74 Smart Car Hire 22

Regarding the reviews, RentACheapie is one of the most improved car hire services, they made it to the top ten with a 4.1-star rating, making them a new entry improvement and with the highest number of reviews. Although they do not have the highest rating their reviews show that they are collecting as much feedback, their services are, however, top-notch.

Drive South Africa and AVIS Rent a Car, were the most reviewed car hire agencies previously, they both had the same number of reviews 511. They have increased their reviews, however, Drive SA went an extra mile as they are now positioned second with 550 reviews while AVIS Rent a Car sits third with 529 reviews. To have such a good response from customers, these agencies have shown that they have systems in place to motivate feedback generation.

Congratulations are also in order for the CEOs of the top three companies, and the rest of the listed Car hire agencies, for their great leadership that reflects in the high reviews. Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which agency is best for you.

eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a free consultation, to talk about how they can fully manage feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important.

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