A Review of Harley-Davidson Dealers in Brazil

Harley-Davidson Brazil Feedback Ratings Reviews


In nearly 100 countries, there are over 1,400 independently owned dealerships. All the owners and employees at various dealerships across the globe strive daily to provide unrivalled experiences for our incredible customers. Great customer service entails not only adhering to best practices such as respecting customers’ time, maintaining a pleasant demeanour, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources, but also going above and beyond to exceed — rather than simply meet — expectations. Today’s article is based on research into Harley-Davidson Dealers in Brazil.

Industry Overview

It is one of the major motorcycle producers in the world. They manufacture everything from bicycles to motorcycles in order to meet up with the ever-growing demand for cycles.

In Brazil, bicycles are considered to be for people of lower classes, but that perception changes as time passes, and bicycles become more and more important to the environment. Therefore, it is important to understand where the best shops are for bicycles, especially in the ever-growing digital world.

Most of the time, customers get their business impressions from its online reviews and ratings. eKomi believes that they are essential to business development. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we conducted a study on the best and most rated Dealers in Brazil.

Most reviewed Harley-Davidson Dealers in Brazil

Name of Dealer

Number of Reviews 

Rio Harley-Davidson 1393
Brasília Harley-Davidson 1204
Autostar Harley-Davidson 1013
The One Harley-Davidson 914
Tennessee Harley-Davidson Highway 690
Tennessee  Campinas. 652
Umuarama Harley-Davidson – Goiânia GO 370
Floripa Harley-Davidson 354
Red Wheel Harley Davidson 320
Route 65 Harley-Davidson 150

The Rio on the top our list with 1393 reviews. They offer in store shopping and pickup for all related merchandise. It is followed by Brasília who offer the same services as above and have been commended on the capabilities of their service team. The Autostar with 1013 reviews has the same qualities as its previous counterparts. This shows that the company understands the importance of online ratings and reviews.

Although at the bottom of the list with 320 and 150 reviews, Red Wheel and Route 65  are full of positive reviews on their staff’s attentiveness and dedication to the customers.

Ratings are also quite significant to a businesses’ importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales. eKomi understands the importance of ratings and completed the StarInsights assessment by compiling a list of the top ten highest rated Dealers.

Top-rated Harley-Davidson Dealer in Brazil

Name of Dealer


Route 65 Harley-Davidson 4.8
Rio Harley-Davidson 4.7
Floripa Harley-Davidson 4.7
Red Wheel Harley Davidson 4.7
Umuarama Harley-Davidson – Goiânia GO 4.7
Custom Brazil Com e Serviços Ltda 4.7
ZENETO Motorcycles 4.7
Autostar Harley-Davidson 4.6
Tennessee Harley-Davidson Highway 4.6
The One Harley-Davidson 4.6

Route 65 is our highest rated with 4.8 stars, and with 4.6 stars, The One is at the bottom of our list. Although the stores are diverse and in different locations, they all have wonderful glowing reviews on the customer service and the staff’s attentiveness. This goes to show that this company definitely understands the significance of positive online footprints in order to attract customers.

eKomi compliments the owners of the top three dealers in both categories for their excellent services and urges all their competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible. The eKomi team presents all dealers with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, which includes a free consultation to determine the level of growth a business is at and to heighten its sales development and online search traffic.

Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which dealers will be the best and most rated in Brazil.

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