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This report investigates the Transportation and Escort Services industry in the United States of America (USA). Companies in this trade must be accredited and have a positive reputation. As a result, transportation and escort services must have a fair and transparent pricing policy to ensure every customer feels valued and satisfied.

Through this StarInsights report, customers will better understand the business workings, previous customers’ experiences, service agencies with good customer service, and whether they should go for that particular service provider.

Industry Overview

Transportation and escort services is a broad industry that is twofold. In one hand, it may refer to transportation services that ensure the absolute safety of customers’ goods and property while moving from point A to point B. 

Typically, the escorted goods are high-value commodities such as gold, silver, diamonds, money, and so on, referred to as “valuable goods.” It is also possible that “important goods” refer to goods that must be transported to their destination on time and undamaged. In this instance, the transportation escort service entails assigning security guards to accompany or directly transport goods for that customer.

On the other hand, a Transportation escort service is one that charges for accompanying a responsible adult from the client’s home to the program location or  home. Basically, a transport escort travels with the driver to help those  picked up to arrange the trip. This could mean helping to get bags in and out of the car. 

This could mean helping them get around cars and the places they drive. It could also mean helping  members  put on shoes, filling out paperwork, or acting as a patient advocate for appointments. This is a great way for people with special needs to be looked after when travelling away from familiar family members or people they know.

Therefore, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we curated a list of the best and most rated Transportation Escort Services in the USA.

Top-rated Transportation Escort Service

Name of Transportation Escort Service


Flying Angels 5.0
Road Runner Pilot Service LLC 5.0
Bruce’s Pilot Car Service – Utah 5.0
Rig Move Logistics Inc & Pilot / Escort Service 4.9
TWIC Escort Service 4.5
A-1 Escort Service, LLC 4.1
Pit Row Services 4.1
A&S Escort LLC 3.0
Galveston Motor Escort Services 2.5

Most-reviewed Transportation Escort Service

Name of Transportation Escort Service

Number of reviews

A-1 Escort Service, LLC 150
Flying Angels 77
TWIC Escort Service 37
Pit Row Services 18
Bruce’s Pilot Car Service – Utah 12
Rig Move Logistics Inc & Pilot / Escort Service 7
Road Runner Pilot Service LLC 3
Galveston Motor Escort Services 2
A&S Escort LLC 2

Our top transportation escort service on this list is A-1 Escort Service, LLC with 150 reviews on its service, and it’s staff, calling it the best escort service at the port. With 77 glowing reviews, Flying Angels is said to be an amazing service with excellent customer care, and at 37 reviews, TWIC Escort Service is said to be an easy and fast transportation escort service that caters to its customers’ needs expeditiously.

In terms of the top-rated Transportation Services, three organisations are tied on the top of the list namely: Flying Angel, followed by Road Runner Pilot Service LLC and Bruce’s Pilot Car Service – Utah with a 5star-rating.

Congratulations to the owners of the top three Transportation Escort Services in both categories for their excellent services. eKomi would like to urge these businesses to work on their digital business footprint by working to increase good reviews and ratings on the business page.

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