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The adequate vehicle to rent must have the right number of seats, the greatest cargo space, the best fuel efficiency, or the lowest total rental cost. In other words, renting a car is a relative concept that can mean different things to different people.

As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to select a reputable car rental agency to guarantee you arrive at your destination both safely and affordable. Today’s StarInsights report is based on the market assessment of the car rental industry in Los Angeles (LA), California.

Industry Overview

Car rental agencies loan cars to customers for a specified period, usually ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Car rental agencies are very popular in Los Angeles due to their high tourist reputation. The city is also home to Hollywood, the heart of the entertainment business in the West, which calls out to millions of people wishing to join the entertainment business worldwide. This influx of people translates to a high need for cars, and those not having any vehicles most likely rent, which brings money for car rental agencies.

eKomi measured the efficiency and quality of services of car rental agencies in Los Angeles based on the reviews and ratings by consumers on Google Maps to produce the following tables below:

Top-rated car rental agencies in LA

Name of Car Rental Agency 

Number of Ratings

California Rent A Car – Studio Division 5.0
1st Car & VAN Rental LAX 5.0
Malibu Car Rental LLC 4.9
Amari Bugatti 4.9
Rex Luxury Car Rental 4.8
Avail 4.8
Miles Car Rental Los Angeles 4.7
Rent-A-Wreck 4.7
Super Cheap Car Rental 4.6
In and Out Rent a Car 4.6

Most reviewed car rental agency in LA

Name of Rental Agency 

Number of Reviews

Enterprise Rent-A-Car 871
Malibu Car Rental LLC 263
SIXT rent a car 233
Rex Luxury Car Rental 232
Avis Car Rental 171
Midway Car Rental Los Angeles West LA 80
Galpin Studio Rentals and Rent-A-Car 74
California Rent-A-Car 45
Budget Car Rental 43
Miles Car Rental Los Angeles 40

According to data collated in the shown tables, the top three best-rated companies are California Rent A Car – Studio Division, 1st Car & VAN Rental LAX, and Malibu Car Rental LLC with all three averaging ratings of 5.0 stars.

Additionally, the car rental companies were also aggregated based on the number of reviews. The most reviewed car rental agency in LA is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with 871 reviews. Followed by Malibu Car Rental LLC with 263 reviews, and closely followed by Sixt rent a car with 233 reviews. 

It’s important to understand that reviews are the backbone of any business because they act as referrals to promote and sell the car rental agency. Reviews also influence the mind of the customer because a lot of cars for hire are loaned to people who do not live in that city, and reviews go a long way to convince them of their selections. 

Conversely, we noted that these top-rated car rental agencies do not have a lot of reviews. Therefore, we urge these car rental companies to improve on their positive reviews by hiring a review agency like eKomi, which can produce the best ratings and reviews using consumer surveys to reflect the rental agency’s services. Such positive reviews also account for a sales boost and improve customer service relations. 

Congratulations to the CEOs of the best-rated and most-reviewed rental agencies while reminding them that, we will be conducting another assessment of the car rental industry in the next three months, and we expect those 5-star ratings to correlate with enough reviews to make them acceptable. 

eKomi is offering a free consultation to determine how to move car rental agencies to a better level in the competitive market and also provide suggestions on how the business can enhance sales, marketing, and consumer relations.

Stay tuned to the blog for the following report on the evolution of the car rental industry in LA, California.

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