StarInsights eKomi | A review of Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Cape Town, South Africa


Summer bodies are made in Winter! That’s a famous street saying in the Mother City, insinuating that regular exercise benefits your body, mind, and health.

With the fitness business expanding in recent years and gyms and fitness centres appearing to be on every corner, choosing a gym can almost be as difficult as going to the gym itself. Due to the intense competition, gyms have had to expand their offerings to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

If you are in Cape Town, then do not worry if you are unsure of where to start your search. The hard work has been done for you through today’s eKomi StarInsights report, which evaluates how one can find a gym that has everything you require, including quality customer service, value for money, top-notch equipment, friendly staff, flexible membership options, and more. 

So, you can work on building up that muscle, if only you’re informed through reviewing online reviews and ratings based on gym users experience.

Industry Overview

The term “gyms, health & fitness clubs” refers to establishments that offer exercise facilities such as weight and exercise machines, fitness classes, personal training and other services such as health and beauty facilities designed for users to improve and maintain their physical health.

Due to COVID-19, most clubs suffered a severe setback as a result of the pandemic shutdown. Gyms couldn’t open for several months, and many people chose to freeze or void their contracts. Conversely, post the pandemic, there has been a continuous affirmation that physical activity is one of the most potent drivers for good health. As a result, there’s an incredible acceleration in the understanding of how much it benefits wellbeing.

It’s July 2022, and the fitness industry is still feeling the repercussions of this awareness. However, with many gyms existing to cater for this significant demand: the public still needs to be aware of the availability of numerous solutions these centres can provide to their health and fitness related issues. 

You shouldn’t ever have to settle for inadequate service, poor facilities, or a bad experience when using a fitness club. Legitimate health clubs are aware that they have a moral and legal obligation to offer their patrons good quality services. That said, there are also shady fitness clubs that harm the reputation of the entire sector. 

Therefore, in this two-sided complication, Reviews becomes the only tool that can massively impact the businesses and the customers. For the business owner, they increase morale and recognise hard effort, and for the customer, they inspire confidence in the choice to try the service. A win-win for both sides.

With no further ado, here are the results on the top-rated and most reviewed Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Cape Town according to Google My Business Profiles as of 22 July 2022.

Top-rated Gym & Fitness Clubs 

Gym/Fitness centre


Number of Reviews

BODYTEC City Bowl 5.0 52
Iron + Love 5.0 36
MyGyM Fitness Studio 4.9 35
Cape CrossFit 4.8 79
CrossFit District Six 4.8 71
Roark Gyms 4.8 67
Virgin Active Gym, Cape Town Foreshore 4.4 739
Virgin Active Gym, Wembley Square 4.3 563
Ignite Fitness Cape Town 4.1 207
Planet Fitness De Waterkant 4.1 203
Zone Fitness – Kloof Street 4.1 76
Zone Fitness – Cape Quarter 4.0 279

Most-reviewed Gyms & Fitness Clubs

Gym/Fitness centre

Number of Reviews


Virgin Active Gym Cape Town Foreshore 739 4.4
Virgin Active Gym Wembley Square 563 4.3
Zone Fitness – Cape Quarter 279 4.0
Ignite Fitness Cape Town 207 4.1
Planet Fitness De Waterkant 203 4.1
Cape CrossFit 79 4.8
Zone Fitness – Kloof Street 76 4.1
CrossFit District Six 71 4.8
Roark Gyms 67 4.8
BODYTEC City Bowl 52 5.0
Iron + Love 36 5.0
MyGyM Fitness Studio 35 4.9

ekomi is pleased to report that the gym and fitness clubs in Cape Town CBD possesses favourable ratings. The highest-rated company, according to the listings, is a tie between BODYTEC City Bowl and Iron+Love with ratings of 5.0-stars, closely followed by MyGyM Fitness Studio with a rating of 4.9. Third place is held by three clubs, namely Cape CrossFit, CrossFit District Six and Roark Gyms, sharing a 4.8-star rating. 

Reviews were not left out in this report, and can not be underestimated. In terms of the most reviewed gym & fitness club, Virgin Active Foreshore sits on top with 739 reviews, followed by Virgin Active Wembley Square with 563 reviews, while ZONE FITNESS ranks third with 311 reviews.

Positive ratings increase customer traffic to the website associated with the business and promote branding, marketing, and sales advancement. Ratings also influence the customer’s choice of club and can be the difference between a failing one and a rising one. The best-rated gyms and fitness clubs on the table deserves some accolades. 

eKomi expects better from the Cape Town CBD gym clubs, as it will be conducting a more extensive appraisal in the next three months. Companies are advised to collaborate with agencies like ekomi, who can assist in creating positive reviews that are encouraging and reflective of the establishment’s services. 

To support the boat accessory industry, ekomi is offering free consultations to all boat accessory companies to discuss the way forward in terms of customer engagement, increasing positive reviews, and enhancing company sales. 

Stay tuned to the eKomi blog for the following assessment of the Gym & fitness clubs in Cape Town.

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