StarInsights eKomi | An Assessment of the Brazilian Restaurant Industry in London, England

StarInsights Brazilian London

eKomi, one of the most established online review platforms, has introduced a new category to their business evaluation and rating forum, titled StarInsights report. StarInsights report is a continuous series on a specific sector’s market research data, analysing leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into the Brazilian restaurant Industry in London.

ekomi’s Assessment of the Brazilian Restaurant Industry in London:

Every industry deals with consumers on a daily basis and the Brazilian restaurant industry is no exception. eKomi has evaluated the top Brazilian restaurant in London, and has produced results through an in-depth study taken on Google Maps.

Below are tables that outline the best and most rated Brazilian restaurants in London.

Most rated Brazilian restaurants in London:

Name of restaurant 


Preto  2,300
Preto Victoria  1,600
Preto Queensway  1,200
Fogo de Chão Soho  872
Tia Maria – Brazilian Bar & Restaurant London  837
Frigideira  652
Brazilian Gourmet  564
Kaipiras by Barraco  556
Picanha Steakhouse  327
Galpao  121

Best Rated Brazilian restaurants in London:

Name of restaurant 


Frigideira  4.6
Kaipiras by Barraco  4.4
Galpao  4.4
Preto Queensway  4.3
Brazilian Gourmet  4.3
Preto Victoria  4.2
Picanha Steakhouse  4.2
Fogo de Chão Soho  4.1
Tia Maria – Brazilian Bar & Restaurant London  4.1
Preto  3.9

Using data from the most rated table, Preto was the most rated Brazilian restaurant with a total of 2,300 reviews. Second place was taken by Preto Victoria with 1,600 reviews, followed by Preto Kingsway with 1,200 reviews. eKomi, a platform whose vision is to assist companies with development by infusing positive surveys to support natural traffic on the website and business transactions, states that these audits are not satisfactory, and the Brazilian restaurant industry can improve as to client reviews.

eKomi also consulted data based on the top ten best rated Brazilian restaurants, and the results state that Frigideira has a good rating of 4.6. Next is Kaipiras by Barraco with a rating of 4.4 followed by Galpao also with a 4.4 rating. The lowest rating of the ten companies was held by Preto, with an adequate rating of 3.9. eKomi is pleased to see that the industry prioritizes high ratings, and congratulates the CEO’s of all the best rated and most reviewed, but it also urges Brazilian restaurants to work with rating agencies such as eKomi, to improve on customer reviews and reflect the true ratings of the company, on data given by the highest possible number of customers. 

Surveys in the form of reviews and ratings today impact purchases greatly, and are a manual for informing buyers about the sort and nature of services offered by the dealer. Online evaluations act as references when they produce positive reviews, which when combined with appropriate counsel from review agencies like eKomi, equal to sales growth and overall company improvement. 

eKomi will lead one more evaluation in the following three months and expects all organizations in the Brazilian restaurants industry to have an increase in surveys and reviews. eKomi is also offering a free consultation, to discuss how they can improve the company through positive reviews. 

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