StarInsights eKomi | An Assessment of the Halal Restaurant Industry in the United States

StarInsights Halal Restaurants

eKomi, one of the most established online review platforms, has introduced a new category to their business evaluation and rating forum, titled StarInsights report. StarInsights report is a continuous series on a specific sector’s market research data, analyzing leading companies with a good volume of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into the halal restaurant industry in the United States.

ekomi’s Assessment of Halal Restaurant in the United States

Thus, ekomi is quite comfortable in its concept that the halal restaurant market in the United States is a fast-paced, enterprising industry. Communicating with buyers is a must for all companies interested in making sales and the halal restaurant industry is no exception. eKomi has assessed the top halal restaurants in the United States, and has generated outcomes through a rigorous study obtained on Google Maps.

Tables that summarize the best and most rated halal restaurant in the United States are constructed below:

Most reviewed halal restaurants in the United States

Name of restaurant 


The Halal Guys  11,000
The Halal Guys 3,200
Saad’s Halal Restaurant 2600
The Halal Guys  1,900
The Halal Guys  1,500
Adel’s Famous Halal Food  1,000
Khyber Halal Restaurant & Catering  584
Gulzaar Halal Restaurant & Catering  532
Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House  260
Shah’s Halal Green Acres Mall  33

Best rated halal restaurants in the United States

Name of restaurant 


Gulzaar Halal Restaurant & Catering  4.6
Saad’s Halal Restaurant  4.5
Adel’s Famous Halal Food  4.5
The Halal Guys  4.4
Khyber Halal Restaurant & Catering  4.4
The Halal Guys 4.2
The Halal Guys  4.1
The Halal Guys  4.0
Shah’s Halal Green Acres Mall  4.0
Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House  3.9

Relying on the data provided under the most reviewed table, The Halal Guys was the most reviewed halal restaurant with a total of 11,000 reviews. Another location of The Halal Guys came second with 3,200 reviews, followed by Saad’s Halal Restaurant with 2,600 reviews. eKomi, a unique platform whose concept is to enable companies to grow by inserting positive reviews to increase consistent traffic and transactions, posits that reviews on Google Maps are not practically sufficient, and the halal restaurant industry can definitely improve with regard to customer reviews.

eKomi also reviewed data established on the best rated halal restaurants and the results state that many halal restaurants on the table have decent ratings of 4.0 and above. The lowest rating of the ten companies was held by Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House, with a manageable rating of 3.9. eKomi is glad to detect that the industry focuses on outstanding ratings, and congratulates the CEO’s of all the best rated and most reviewed. However, we still urge halal restaurants in the United States to pair with rating agencies such as eKomi, to enhance buyer reviews and indicate the authentic ratings of the company, on data provided by the largest number of customers feasible. 

Ratings and evaluations nowadays have a massive effect on client purchases, and are a manual to inform potential purchasers approximately the kind and quality of services such rated companies propose. Consumer evaluations influence growth by appearing as referrals and high-quality evaluations act as high-quality referrals, which through the use of assessment software and branding strategies from websites like eKomi, correlate to an increase in sales.

eKomi will be performing another examination in the next three months and expects all companies in the halal restaurant industry to exhibit a development in reviews. To prepare companies for the examination, eKomi is offering a free consultation, which includes discussions on how both parties can expand the company through positive reviews. 

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