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Insurance not only eases anxiety, but also offers financial security against unforeseen mishaps and other hazards in life. There are various reasons to get insurance, including the desire to safeguard your loved ones in the event of your passing or loss of earning capacity, as well as the need to protect your home, vehicle, or other assets in the event of theft or disaster.

In this week’s edition of the eKomi StarInsights, we focus on the insurance companies in Nigeria. There are various top insurance companies in Nigeria that help individuals looking to secure their future from such misfortune. However, you have to know what you are looking for, how the insurance agency works, and pick the right one. As a result, our insight report helps explore issues dealing with the brand, online reputation, digital presence, and consumer feedback.

Customers can gain insight into how insurance companies operate, what prior purchasers had to say, which insurers provide exceptional customer service, and whether they should choose that insurance company by reading reviews.

Industry Overview

Insurance companies play a significant role in the Nigerian economy, hedging risks and covering accident expenses. A few big players control the majority of the insurance businesses in Nigeria. While these firms insure a vast number of policies, each has its own peculiarities.

The essential tenet of insurance is that one party, the insured or the policyholder, pays a little premium to the insurer in exchange for the security on that uncertain future occurrence, and the insurer will guarantee payments for an uncertain future occasion. 

These organizations are active in life insurance, property and casualty insurance, business and commercial insurance, and reinsurance and may be found in most sections of the country.

Insurance businesses, on the other hand, are still a cornerstone of every country’s economy and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. Nigeria is such a terrific business environment for an insurer to thrive in that they may really use their financial resources to expand internationally and conquer new market vistas.

With a wide range of coverage options, every insurance provider boasts about their quality of agency and uses anything at their disposal to build and reinforce their brand and credibility.

It is evident that trust is the core of this industry and as such, through reviews, insurance companies can assess their accomplishments, determine what changes might enhance future outcomes, and most importantly, identify the actions they must take to guarantee the end-user receive what they require.

Our StarInsights Report is purely based on official Google ratings and reviews. For analysis purposes, we have considered all the various types of insurance companies.

Top-rated insurance agency in Nigeria

Insurance Agency


Number of Reviews

AXA Mansard Insurance 4.4 351
Allianz Nigeria Insurance plc 4.4 170
Leadway Assurance Company Limited 4.3 1021
AIICO Insurance Plc 4.3 411
Nem Insurance Plc 4.3 409
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc 4.3 201
Custodian Life Assurance Limited 4.3 109
Cornerstone Insurance PLC 4.2 191
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc 4.1 258
Anchor Insurance Company Limited 4.1 126

Most-reviewed insurance agency in Nigeria

Insurance Agency

Number of Reviews


Leadway Assurance Company Limited 1021 4.3
AIICO Insurance Plc 411 4.3
Nem Insurance Plc 409 4.3
AXA Mansard Insurance 351 4.4
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc 258 4.1
Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc 201 4.3
Cornerstone Insurance PLC 191 4.2
Allianz Nigeria Insurance plc 170 4.4
Anchor Insurance Company Limited 126 4.1
Custodian Life Assurance Limited 109 4.3

According to the table above, the majority of the listed agencies have at least a 4-point star rating. However,  AXA Mansard Insurance and Allianz Nigeria are tied on top of the list as the top-rated insurance agencies in Nigeria with a 4.4-star rating, and the difference only lies in the number of reviews 351 and 170, respectively. 

Regarding the number of reviews, Leadway Assurance leads the pack with 1021 reviews making them the most reviewed insurance agency in Nigeria. Followed by AIICO Insurance with 411 reviews, while Nem Insurance is third with a close 409 reviews.

Overall, Leadway Assuarance has a commanding lead over other insurance companies in SA that are listed after it, in terms of both the overall reviews and ratings. The results of Leadway Assurance are all the more amazing because having a good rating with large sample size is a very desirable feature, with a 4.3-star rating from 1021 reviews.

Congratulations to the CEOs of these listed Insurance Agencies for taking a customer-centred approach that enables trust in their brand. In this increasingly competitive business, this executive recognized that gaining favourable evaluations and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is critical to success.

With such an outcome shown above, eKomi wants more businesses to be aware of the correlation between online star ratings and sales. It has been revealed that customers have access to more resources and are more likely to locate a product that meets their specific needs. Therefore, a collection of reviews remains the best vehicle to rise up to the top rank for any business.

Check out ekomi’s blog in three months to read our next assessment on which Insurance agency will be the best rated and most reviewed in Nigeria.

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