StarInsights eKomi Analysis of Catering Services in Dublin, Ireland

Introduction of Catering Services in Dublin, Ireland

Nothing is better than great food being served at a very important event. However, finding the best food catering service providers anywhere in the world starts with putting up a task. Many questions surface, like:

What kind of catering services do you need?Purpose, is it for a wedding, a conference, or a simple gathering in your house? 

Although caterers are a huge relief, even the most seasoned planners may find it challenging to find one in Dublin, Ireland due to the city’s diverse population and cuisines.  Dublin’s diversity is increasing as the population of the city increases. This StarInsights report analyses the catering service providers in Dublin. 

Catering Services in Dublin Overview

Catering services in Dublin can provide food for any kind of gathering, which is a great way to make an event more memorable. Catering companies offer a variety of packages that can be customised to fit the requirements of any type of event, whether you want a formal affair or something less stuffy. 

Depending on what one wants for their event, it’s important to choose a caterer carefully. Catering isn’t just about serving up delicious food; it’s also about creating a space where guests feel at ease mingling.

Just as in other sectors that deal with consumer service, it’s crucial to evaluate a caterer’s reputation. In fact, a sure way is to check and review feedback and ratings that previous customers have left. Through such platforms as the Google My Business Profiles features, one can also get more information about the inclusions in their offers, such as delivery, styling, servers/waiting staff, and so on.

For the purpose of this analysis, we have hand-picked the top ten catering service providers in Dublin. The focus was simple, purely based on extensive research looking for professional, affordable caterers that offer quality, and good service based on current reviews and ratings on Google Maps.

Top-rated Catering Services in Dublin



Number of Reviews

Adventure Catering 5.0 116
Brown Box Catering 5.0 84
Fresh & Yummy 5.0 34
Catering 365 5.0 22
The Gourmet Kitchen 5.0 16
Appetite Catering Dublin 4.9 64
Lovin Catering 4.8 42
Sidewalk Catering 4.3 67
Taste Food Company 4.3 973
Caffe Parigi Catering 4.3 85

Most reviewed Catering Services in Dublin


Number of Reviews


Taste Food Company 973 4.3
Adventure Catering 116 5.0
Caffe Parigi Catering 85 4.3
Brown Box Catering 84 5.0
Berman & Wallace Restaurant & Caterer 81 4.1
Sidewalk Catering 67 4.3
Appetite Catering Dublin 64 4.9
KSG Head Office 62 3.7
Lovin Catering 42 4.8
Fresh & Yummy 34 5.0

The results show that the top spot for the top-rated caterer is a tie among five service providers namely, Adventure Catering, Brown Box Catering, Fresh & Yummy, Catering 365 and The Gourmet Kitchen. These caterers have been rated 5.0 stars out of five stars, the difference being in the number of reviews.

Without question, the quality of the catering companies’ reviews is essential. A business’s average number of stars is significant, but it should not be the only focus. Customers also look at the number of reviews. It’s wonderful for prospective customers to see 5-star reviews and learn all the reasons why customers love your company.

Regarding the number of reviews, Taste Food Company is the most reviewed catering company in Dublin with 973 reviews, followed by Adventure Catering with 116, and Caffe Parigi Catering ranked third with 85 reviews.

Congratulations to the top-rated and most reviewed catering companies for their outstanding results and creative marketing strategies. Several caterers are working hard to build their reviews to enhance their online reputation and visibility.

Conclusion Catering Services in Dublin

It is always best to thoroughly study potential companies before entrusting them with your events. In this digital world, we live in today; it’s easy to read reviews on Google, conduct web searches, and keep an eye out for both positive and negative evaluations.

eKomi will be conducting another appraisal in the next three months and expects all businesses in the catering industry to have a mark-up in reviews. eKomi is also offering a free consultation, to discuss how they can improve the company through positive reviews.

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