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One of the most certain happenings on earth is death. However, many people still do not prepare for their deaths. The state of being dead affects the properties of the deceased, and the plans before such demise will determine who has access to such estate and who doesn’t. This report analyses the importance of estate planning attorneys and the need for reviews to show the quality of services they provide.

Industry Overview

Estate planning attorneys are trained and specialized in matters that relate to the passing on of a person’s assets after their death. These attorneys assist a person to draft documents that contain their desires as to the sharing of their estate after their death. These plans allow the smooth disbursal of the deceased properties to the desired recipients upon their death without any long legal battle.

Estate planning attorney services are not restricted to death situations alone, they also extend to other instances where the holder of the estate might become incapacitated and unable to manage their assets by themselves. These attorneys make provisions that ensure the smooth transfer of these properties without too much ado about the legitimate recipient to the bequeathing of these properties.

Many people are not aware of these duties as performed by estate planning attorneys. These legal professionals also plan for unexpected cases, including the death of a beneficiary. These services including the appointment of a guardian for your children can be recognized and utilized by other members of the public when there are more reviews that speak about the quality of service that the attorneys offer. 

eKomi’s best-rated Estate Planning Attorney in Netherlands

Estate Planning Attorney



Law firm in the Netherlands | MAAK Attorneys 5.0 25
Gresnigt & Van Kippersluis Advocaten & Mediation 5.0 8
De Bakker Advocaten & Erfrechtspecialisten | Ook afspraak bij u thuis mogelijk | Advocaat erfrecht 4.9 36
Parmentier Advocaten 4.8 40
Vivamori 4.8 4
Moree Gelderblom Lawyers 4.7 102
Flinck Lawyers 4.7 27
Advocaten Amsterdam Roemer Visscherstraat 4.3 30
Damsté Advocaten Amsterdam 4.2 5
Van de Gevel & Grootjans, Advocaten & Mediators, Doetinchem 4.1 40

eKomi’s Best-rated Estate Planning Attorney in the Netherlands

Estate Planning Attorney



Moree Gelderblom Lawyers 102 4.7
Parmentier Advocaten 40 4.8
Van de Gevel & Grootjans, Advocaten & Mediators, Doetinchem 40 4.1
De Bakker Advocaten & Erfrechtspecialisten | Ook afspraak bij u thuis mogelijk | Advocaat erfrecht 36 4.9
Advocaten Amsterdam Roemer Visscherstraat 30 4.3
Flinck Lawyers 27 4.7
Law firm in the Netherlands | MAAK Attorneys 25 5.0
Russell Advocaten B.V. 15 3.9
Gresnigt & Van Kippersluis Advocaten & Mediation 8 5.0
Damsté Advocaten Amsterdam 5 4.2

Cheers to the best-rated estate planning attorneys on this list for their stellar legal performances. Moree Gelderblom Lawyers comes first with a 4.7-star rating from 102 reviews. Parmentier Advocaten comes next with 40 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. This list is concluded by third-placed Van de Gevel & Grootjans, Advocaten & Mediators, Doetinchem, which had a 4.1-star rating from 40 reviews.

Kudos to the CEOs of these firms. They have led the pace in creating an efficient estate planning service that runs on a principle of trust. Their clients so far have had their estate bequeathed properly. Also, they have prepared wills for many people who have testified of the currency of their opinions concerning the bequeathing of properties to offsprings or any other beneficiaries.

Your estate planning firm can equally get to the top of this listing with the right number of reviews that will reveal the services that you have provided to your audience so far. eKomi runs a system of reviews that allow for natural and real-time testimonies about the quality of your service to be written online. This will help you improve your visibility and get into the minds of your customer base faster than ever.

This StarInsights report will be updated in three months, and that is enough period for your firm to build a catalogue of reviews that will mirror the essential qualities that your firm holds as an estate planning firm. While a good number of reviews are great to attract many leads, you would only retain this market when you create a template that offers quality customer service treatment and experience.

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