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Getting regular dental checkups is important for healthy teeth and smiles. As a general rule, the best way to find a good dentist in Mother City is by a family recommendation.

It is no myth that a solid patient-dentist connection lasts for several generations and is built on security and trust, which may include your children, spouse, and other family members.

Consequently, therefore in today’s StarInsights we examine the top-rated and most reviewed dentists in Cape Town to understand their history of long-standing service within Cape Town, who are reputable, knowledgeable, and of course trustworthy. For the purpose of this analysis, the data used was extracted from internet reviews on Google Business Profiles of the respective Dentists.

Industry Overview

In SA, between 70% and 80% of dentists are employed in the private sector, and this caters to approximately 20% of the South African population. The remaining dentists are employed in the public sector, and they provide services to 80% of the South African population. (South African Dental Journal, 2021).

Due to the restricted number of positions available in the public sector, the higher pay in the private sector, the freedom to operate independently and provide a variety of dental treatments, and the flexibility to choose their own hours, dentists prefer working in the private sector.

As a result, that is why the country is flooded with private dental care practitioners, and as such patients face a challenge when it comes to selecting the best dentist. Most people focus on aspects like professional service, recommendations, dentist profiles, costs, and payment options, as a selection criterion.

Any Capetonian dental office can provide you with all the details you need to organise a visit and make an informed decision with only a brief phone call. While the majority of operating dental practices in Cape Town are within the guidelines of South African law, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask about the dentist’s credentials and background before scheduling your appointment.

Each dentist’s website should have a bio that reveals how much experience they have, how long they’ve been in business, where they received their education and training, and if they offer speciality dental services. 

Once you’re comfortable, you’ll need to ask how long you’ll have to wait for an appointment, and most importantly, what happens in the case of emergencies. Another good question is where the dentist’s referrals go and their relationship with local doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers. Without further ado, let’s delve into the stats.

Top-rated Dental care practitioners in Cape Town



Number of Reviews

Enamel Clinic 5.0 203
Dr Ramjee 5.0 56
Ratan & Singh Advanced Dentistry 5.0 48
OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre 4.9 242
The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium V&A Waterfront 4.9 181
Smith & Van Lierop Dentistry 4.9 166
Dr JJ Serfontein | JJS DENTISTRY 4.9 106
Paradise Road Dental Practice 4.8 71
Kromboom Dental Centre 4.7 144
Molteno Road Dental Practice Cape Town 4.6 55

Most-reviewed Dental practitioner in Cape Town


Number of Reviews


OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre 242 4.9
Enamel Clinic 203 5.0
The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium V&A Waterfront 181 4.9
Smith & Van Lierop Dentistry 166 4.9
Kromboom Dental Centre 144 4.7
Dr JJ Serfontein | JJS DENTISTRY 106 4.9
Paradise Road Dental Practice 71 4.8
Dr Ramjee 56 5.0
Molteno Road Dental Practice Cape Town 55 4.6
Ratan & Singh Advanced Dentistry 48 5.0

Based on the official Google My Business ratings, as of August 11, 2022, the best-rated Dental Practitioners are horse driving schools are Enamel Clinic, Dr. Ramjee, and Ratan & Singh Advanced Dentistry with an astounding 5.0-star rating. Their Google Reviews rate a perfect 5 stars from a different number of reviews; however, a lot of patients have been coming back to this caring clinic for a long time, a sure entry into the list of the best dentists in Cape Town.

The majority of the practitioners have stable ratings ranging from 4.9 stars and the least rated has a 4.6-star rating as shown in the tables above. These dentists have been working hard to maintain their excellent ratings, and they deserve recognition. They’ve earned themselves a pat on the back, as it were!

In terms of reviews, OptiSmile Advanced Dentistry and Implant Centre sits at the top with 242 reviews, followed by Enamel Clinic with 203 reviews and The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium V&A Waterfront sits on the third spot with 181 reviews. These dental care places have a reputation for treating patients well. This is evident by the positive reviews they’ve received from those who attended or visited one of these places!

Congratulations to these Dental Practitioners listed, they deserve praise for their leadership in providing exceptional patient service and dental care. In today’s highly competitive industry, it is critical to maintain high consumer satisfaction ratings and gain good evaluations.

Dentists, elsewhere can benefit from eKomi’s improved feedback and ratings. Several businesses including Dentists have seen an increase in revenue as a result of eKomi’s excellent evaluations and good search engine rankings for their services. Do not hesitate to arrange a free consultation to learn more about how to increase the number of positive Google reviews. 

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