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Law is an essential background of any growing society. However, not everyone can afford the services of a legal representative in a court of law or can afford to take legal advice from a firm. This is why the government sets up legal aid offices to assist with the cost of taking legal services. Today’s StarInsights report aims to critically analyse the provisions made by the government for state-funded legal services in the UK. 

Industry Overview

Legal aid services are designed to attend to the needs of people who might not be able to hire a private legal service. This aid system is installed by the government to create a structure that does not leave anyone out of the line for justice and its enforcement. These public-funded programs are created to create an effective, just, fair, and healthy legal environment for both the legal representative and the client. 

Just like in private service, public-funded legal services help secure the rights of persons as identified in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. This system helps the less privileged to access legal services that would help them leverage more legal opportunities. This includes representation in court, obtaining legal advice on matters such as finance, retirement, and child protection, and signing legal documents. 

However, while the services of legal aid offices are critical to the growth of the community and personal life, there is still a shortage of awareness about the services that legal offices provide. This owes largely to the absence of reviews on legal aid and related matters. Clients who use legal aid hardly return to provide honest reviews about the services they have received, hindering someone else from knowing the firm to seek such services from.

eKomi’s best-rated Legal Aid Office in the UK

Legal Aid Office 


Number of Reviews 5.0 8
Westgate Solicitors 4.9 332
Good Advice UK 4.9 331
RLegal Solicitors 4.9 104
Lexmark Legal 4.9 49
City Legal Services 4.9 47
Luqmani Thompson & Partners 4.8 154
Immigration Legal Services 4.8 52
Portway Solicitors 4.7 83
ICS Legal – UK Spouse Visa 4.6 56

eKomi’s most-rated Legal Aid Services in the UK

Legal Aid Office 



Westgate Solicitors 332 4.9
Good Advice UK 331 4.9
National Legal Service Solicitors 165 4.5
Luqmani Thompson & Partners 154 4.8
RLegal Solicitors 104 4.9
Immigration Advice Service 514 4.5
Portway Solicitors 83 4.7
ICS Legal – UK Spouse Visa 56 4.6
Immigration Legal Services 52 4.8
Lexmark Legal 49 4.9

Congratulations to the CEOs of the top-rated and most reviewed legal aid firms in the UK. These offices set a standard for what legal aid services should be like. Westgate Solicitors tops the list with a 4.9-star rating from 332 reviews, while Good Advice UK is next with 331 reviews also culminating in a 4.9-star rating. National Legal Service Solicitors completes the top three list with a 4.5-star rating from 165 reviews.

These legal aid offices have been exemplary in the quest to deliver quality legal aid services to their clientele, as they have efficiently balanced the growing needs of the public with trending legal solutions. These solutions are designed to match the changing times while still being drawn up to stand the test of time, as Law remains one of the most dynamic fields in the world.

Other legal aid offices that did not make it to the list, can also secure a spot in the ranks of the best legal aid offices in the UK. eKomi offers a review system that allows you to leverage a wide legal customer base to draft reviews that will boost your office visibility and public acceptance. These reviews are drafted to answer the bugging questions that prospects of your office may have. It will also help them see the quality of the services that you offer. 

In three months, we will analyse and publish another article based on the reviews and ratings of legal aid firms. We urge all firms to invest in building their brand reputation by collecting reviews. Many legal aid offices have new clients all year round. A fraction of this clientele is benevolent enough to drop reviews. The better the reviews an office has following an amazing legal service delivery, the higher they go in the ranks. Therefore, as you may be planning to top this listing on the next review, be ready to improve your client satisfaction ratio.

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