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The StarInsights report is a continuous series of market research data for a specific sector, analysing leading companies with a high volume of positive user ratings and reviews. The following article is based on a market analysis of auto repair shops in Dallas.

Industry Overview

Auto repair shops can repair engine components and other parts that may wear and tear over time during vehicle use, such as the door frame, windows, bumpers, and so on. Dallas has a primarily automobile-based transportation system, so shops that can perform the functions above are in high demand.

eKomi has estimated the proficiency and nature of service of auto repair shops in Dallas in light of the audits and evaluations by customers on Google Maps to deliver the accompanying tables beneath:

Top-rated Auto Repair shop

Name of Shop


Number of Reviews

Love Field Auto 4.9 492
K3S Auto Repair 4.7 101
Bentley Dallas 4.6 110
Christian Brothers Automotive, North Dallas 4.5 502
Christian Brothers Automotive White Rock 4.5 209
Knapp Auto Repair 4.5 159
P V Auto Services 4.5 141
Driver’s Edge Complete Auto Repair 4.4 661
Alternative Automotive 4.3 163
Ross Auto & Tire Shop 4.2 231

Most-reviewed Auto Repair shop

Name of Shop

Number of Reviews


Driver’s Edge Complete Auto Repair 661 4.4
Christian Brothers Automotive, North Dallas 502 4.5
Love Field Auto 492 4.9
Ross Auto & Tire Shop 231 4.2
Christian Brothers Automotive White Rock 209 4.5
Alternative Automotive 163 4.3
Knapp Auto Repair 159 4.5
P V Auto Services 141 4.5
Bentley Dallas 110 4.6
K3S Auto Repair 101 4.7

According to data collated in the table by eKomi, the most reviewed auto repair shop is Driver’s Edge Complete Auto Repair, with 661 reviews. Next is Christian Brothers Automotive, North Dallas, at 502 reviews, closely followed by Love Field Auto at 492 reviews. 

eKomi comprehends that reviews are the foundation of any business, since they go about as references to advance and sell the auto repair shop. Reviews likewise impact the client’s brain because many vehicles can break down anywhere in the city. Therefore, positive reviews go far to persuade them in their determinations as to the shop they would contact to fix their cars.

ekomi also aggregated data based on the ratings on Google Maps. The top three best-rated companies are Love Field Auto, K3S Auto Repair, and Bentley Dallas, all averaging ratings of 4.9, 4.7, and 4.6, respectively.

In this report, we were satisfied with the evaluations. However, we noticed that these top-rated repair hops have a few reviews. Therefore, they need to work on collecting feedback to improve their reputations. Such positive reviews additionally represent sales growth and further develop client care relations.

Congratulations to the CEOs of the best appraised and most surveyed auto repair shops in Dallas.  While advising them that we will direct one more evaluation of the auto repair shop industry in the following three months, we anticipate that those 5-star appraisals should correspond with an adequate number of audits to make them satisfactory. eKomi offers a free consultation to decide how to move your auto repair shops to a superior level in the severe market and give ideas on how the business can upgrade sales, advertising, and customer relations.

Stay tuned to the blog for the following report on the evolution of the auto repair shop industry in Dallas.

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