StarInsights report – An evaluation of Clicks Pharmacies in Cape Town CBD


The pharmacy in every community is one of the most-visited spots. However, these days, SA drug stores are offering their games online. You can now get your pharmaceuticals in SA directly online. This eliminates the hassle of everyone having to go to the pharmacy.

You can get the product online and have it delivered to your home if you don’t have the time to go to the pharmacy store of your choice or if it’s too far away from your house.

Although this idea is still relatively novel in Cape Town, it is steadily gaining acceptance and becoming more well-known. However, selecting the best pharmacy that delivers the best service can be challenging. 

SA has many pharmaceuticals, making this industry busy and highly competitive. Therefore, you must exercise caution while selecting the best pharmacy, as not all of them may be reliable. 

This StarInsights report is centred on weighing the performance of pharmacies in Cape Town upon the basis of their service delivery and related performance. Particular reference has been given to Clicks Pharmacies in Cape Town to reveal how they are currently positioned with regard to reputation.

Industry Overview

Pharmacies carry out so many functions that one may begin to lose count. Their major functions are to give personalized advice to visitors. They dispense health-related information to people who request them. In the medical field, they are the second most-trusted professionals for medicine-related information.

Pharmacies look beyond the illness and come down to a one-on-one analysis of the condition and its underlying causes which may have instigated the illness. However, despite their commitment to seeing a strategic change in the health and wellness industry, their services are mostly unnoticed because the recipients of their services do not give sufficient reviews.

The largest pharmaceutical market on the continent of Africa is found in South Africa. With more than 640 in-store pharmacies, Clicks Group is a market leader in the healthcare sector. United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD) is the top full-range national pharmaceutical wholesaler in South Africa.               

When buying things, modern consumers use a variety of outlets. Many people begin their searches online, where they may quickly compare options from several merchants. Reviews are great for both the business and the customers. When patients come in for treatment and medications, and they give reviews, it immediately affects the way another patient would see the brand.

Therefore, where there are positive reviews and the brand pops up to those searching for pharmacies around them, the good service is also replicated in another body.

Top-rated Clicks Pharmacy in Cape Town

Clicks Pharmacy


Number of Reviews

Clicks Pharmacy – Burg Street 4.2 25
Clicks Pharmacy Cape Town CBD 4.2 27
Clicks Pharmacy Long Street 3.7 32
Clicks Pharmacy Adderley Str 3.7 17
Clicks Plein Park 3.7 12
Clicks Pharmacy Cape Quarter 3.6 8
Clicks Pharmacy V&A Waterfront 3.1 87
Clicks Pharmacy Picbel Parkade 3.0 12
Clicks Pharmacy Golden Acre 2.9 10
Clicks Pharmacy Gardens Centre 2.7 93

Top-reviewed Clicks Pharmacy in Cape Town

Clicks Pharmacy

Number of Reviews


Clicks Pharmacy Gardens Centre 93 2.7
Clicks Pharmacy V&A Waterfront 87 3.1
Clicks Pharmacy Long Street 32 3.7
Clicks Pharmacy Cape Town CBD 27 4.2
Clicks Pharmacy – Burg Street 25 4.2
Clicks Pharmacy Adderley Str 17 3.7
Clicks Plein Park 12 3.7
Clicks Pharmacy Picbel Parkade 12 3.0
Clicks Pharmacy Golden Acre 10 2.9
Clicks Pharmacy Cape Quarter 8 3.6

Big kudos to the best-rated pharmacies in this listing. Their top-notch customer service delivery has secured them a position amongst the best. Clicks Gardens Center has the highest reviews with 93 reviews and a 2.7-star rating. The Clicks V&A Waterfront comes next with 87 reviews and a 3.1-star rating, while Clicks Long Str. Pharmacy comes in third place with 32 reviews and a 3.7-star rating.

The CEOs of these pharmacies have done a fantastic job of creating a platform where people can come for one-on-one interaction with doctors. These doctors have been trained to give optimal medical services to everyone who desires them. Their goal is not to sell drugs, but they take them to run tests that will diagnose the condition well enough after checking for background health issues.

Your pharmacy can also achieve the same top appearance in search results for pharmacies. eKomi runs a review system that enhances your capacity to show up when customers search terms such as pharmacies around me, where can I get a prescription and the likes. This keeps your pharmacy in the top flight! Contact us to secure a free consultation session where you will be shown how to get the reviews for your pharmacy.

You should know that this list changes over time. As various patients come into pharmacies, they also drop reviews. This is why this StarInsights report will be updated in three months to create a revised list that mirrors the hearts and intentions of the customers per time. Therefore, while reviews are great for business, excellent service delivery will even shoot your business to the top position in a few months! Just watch out for the following list.

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