The Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

The Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

The Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Many Nigerians question how they may study aviation in the country, but have no idea where to begin or how to get started. Conversely, there are numerous aviation schools in Nigeria, making it tough for prospective students to narrow down their selections. Aviation is a highly technical topic of study offered at only a few colleges around the country. Consequently, therefore in today’s StarInsights report, we analyse aviation schools in Nigeria, to help prospect pilots choose the best and consider the top schools for aviation training in Nigeria.

Industry Overview

According to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), aviation is a critical component of Nigeria’s transportation infrastructure and economy. There are numerous airports, heliports, and regulated airstrips throughout the country. 

It also serves as a hub for more than 20 domestic airlines. With such a thriving aviation industry, it’s no surprise that Nigeria has a plethora of aviation schools. The majority of these are located in or near major cities and offer a variety of flying-related courses.

Flight training is a course of study used to learn how to fly an aeroplane. The overall goal of primary and intermediate flight training is to learn and practise basic airmanship skills.

Flight training can be done in a flight school with a structured accredited syllabus and a flight instructor, or in private lessons with no syllabus and a flight instructor, as long as all experience requirements for the desired pilot certificate/licence are met. 

As a result, credibility and reputation are what make the difference in Aviation training. It is important to understand the correlation between quality services and positive reviews. This analysis researched data using Google Maps on the top airline consultants in Nigeria, ranking the best ten ratings and reviews in the table below:

Top-rated Aviation schools in Nigeria

Aviation Schools Rating Number of Reviews
Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management 4.9 31
Lagos Aviation Academy 4.9 18
Dhaewood Aviation Business School 4.6 21
Landover Aviation Business School 4.5 21
Aeroconsult Training Centre 4.5 13
Crew Traning Institute 4.5 8
International Aviation College, Ilorin 4.4 69
Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria Training School 4.3 54
Universal School Of Aviation 4.2 82
The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) 4.1 338

Most reviewed Aviation schools in Nigeria

Aviation Schools Number of Reviews Rating
The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) 338 4.1
Universal School Of Aviation 82 4.2
International Aviation College, Ilorin 69 4.4
Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria Training School 54 4.3
Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management 31 4.9
Dhaewood Aviation Business School 21 4.6
Landover Aviation Business School 21 4.5
Lagos Aviation Academy 18 4.9
Aeroconsult Training Centre 13 4.5
Crew Traning Institute 8 4.5

With 4.9 stars each, Aeroport College of Aviation & Travel Management and Lagos Aviation Academy are our highest rated. Their reviews describe them as having great staff, excellent instructors, and a wonderful experience for their students. With 4.6 stars, Dhaewood Aviation follows the top two on our list, with reviews calling it the best school with good tutors and a good experience.

In terms of reviews, at the top of our list with 338 reviews, The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) is hailed for its excellent staff and teachers. Next on the list with 82 reviews is Universal School Of Aviation, known for its training facilities and knowledgeable instructors. With 69 reviews, International Aviation College, Ilorin School is third on our list, and their staff is described as welcoming, although there are a few negative comments.

Bottom Line

We thank the owners of the top ten Aviation schools in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact an organization like eKomi, which can improve their digital presence with efficient teams that generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides numerous businesses with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation to determine the level of business growth and a literate sales development and online footprint.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to follow up on our assessment of which Aviation Schools in Nigeria will be the best and most rated.

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