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eKomi, an established review platform that has been around for many years has released its StarInsight report, this report reflects horse driving schools. Businesses can get a better idea of who potential clients might want to contact if they want to attend or visit a horse driving school.

When it comes to horse driving schools, the quality of teaching and care for their horses should be a top priority. The right teachers can provide excellent lessons that will help learners become better riders in no time! Horse driving schools must have teachers with both knowledge and experience in dealing with horses, as well as having patience towards learners.

Reviews are important for horse driving schools because when someone is looking for a horse driving school, they will often check out what other people think of the school. This can be done by reading reviews from previous students or visitors who have taken lessons there before and are satisfied with their experience. Reviews are essential for horse-driving schools because they provide a way for people to ensure the quality of services provided.

eKomi’s best-rated driving schools

Horse-driving school



Quinlan Equestrian 5.0 10
GallopNYC: Sunrise Stables 4.7 61
Kierson Farm 4.7 31
Jentri Stables 4.6 21
Boulder Brook Equestrian Center 4.6 18
Parkview Riding Center Inc 4.5 47
New York City Riding Academy 4.5 17
Garret Mountain Equestrian Center 4.4 76
Chester Riding Club 4.4 19
Bethpage Equestrian Center 4.3 70

eKomi’s most-rated horse-driving schools

Horse-driving schools



Jamaica Bay Riding Academy 203 4.1
Prospect Park Stables/ Kensington Stables 169 3.9
Bronx Equestrian Center, Inc. 152 3.7
Seaton Hackney Stables -Equishare USA, LLC 112 4.2
Bethpage Equestrian Center 80 4.3
Garret Mountain Equestrian Center 76 4.4
GallopNYC: Sunrise Stables 61 4.7
Suffolk Equestrian Academy 51 3.9
Parkview Riding Center Inc 47 4.5
Kierson Farm 31 4.7

Based on the official Google My Business ratings, as of February 18, 2022, the best-rated horse driving schools are Quinlan Equestrian with a 5.0-star rating and 10 reviews, followed by GallopNYC: Sunrise Stables with a 4.7-star rating and 61 reviews, and Kierson Farm with a 4.7 rating and 31 reviews. These schools have been working hard to maintain their excellent ratings and they deserve recognition. They’ve earned themselves a pat on the back, as it were!

The most-rated horse-driving schools based on Google My Business Ratings are Jamaica Bay Riding Academy with 203 reviews and a 4.1 rating. Followed by Prospect Park Stables/ Kensington Stables with 169 reviews and a 3.9 rating and Bronx Equestrian Center, Inc. with 152 reviews and a 3.7 rating. These great horse-driving schools have a reputation for treating students and visitors well. This is evident by the positive reviews they’ve received from those who attended or visited one of these places!

The CEO of the best-rated horse-driving schools deserves praise for their leadership in providing exceptional customer service and horse driving lessons. These business owners realized that in today’s highly competitive industry, it is critical to maintain high customer satisfaction ratings and gain good evaluations.

Horse riding schools can benefit from eKomi’s improved feedback and ratings. Several horse driving schools have seen an increase in revenue as a result of eKomi’s excellent evaluations and good search engine rankings for their services. Do not hesitate to arrange a free consultation to learn more about how to increase the number of positive Google reviews for your horse driving school.

In three months, we will release another StarInsights report, which will give insights into how reviews and ratings have grown in terms of the best and most horse-driving schools. We shall witness the effects of the changes that have occurred in horse-driving schools.

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