The Best Online Auction in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

The Best Online Auction in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

Best Online Auction in Manchester

There’s a considerable possibility you’ll find the best discounts on an online auction website if you’re looking for them. Whether you’re looking for jewellery, clothing, books, vehicles, a house, or even a plot of land, you may find them all on these auction platforms for a great deal.  Consequently, this StarInsights report examines the online auction industry in Manchester, UK and curates a list of the top leading auctioneers based on Google user reviews and ratings.

A Market Overview of Best Online Auctions in Manchester

Online auction is a platform where individuals or organizations can sell or buy goods or services through the internet. Online auctions typically work on a bidding system, where the highest bidder wins the item or service being offered. The online auctions are open 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world, making them a convenient and flexible option for buyers and sellers. They are also a cost-effective way to sell items or services, as the overhead costs of physical auctions are eliminated.

Online auctions can be divided into two main categories: live auctions and silent auctions. Live auctions are real-time events that are conducted through a website or app, while silent auctions are typically done through email or other online platforms. Some popular online auction websites include eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, among others. They also offer a sense of competition and excitement, as buyers bid against each other for items they want. 

eKomi’s Analysis of The Top Online Auctions

The importance of customer reviews is tremendous as they are very helpful to a vast majority of consumers, and they are also responsible for securing your online visibility in search rankings. In order to present an online auction in the best possible light, it is crucial to consistently improve both the client experience and reputation of the auction. In order to achieve this, eKomi conducted a study on the top-rated online auction platforms utilizing customer ratings and reviews from Google Maps, as seen in the tables below.

Top-rated online auction in Manchester

Auction Rating Reviews
Auction House Manchester 5.0 112
Aintree Antique Auctions 5.0 14
Auction Agent 4.9 44
Omega Auctions – Newton Le Willows 4.7 64
Maxwell’s Auctioneers 4.5 39
British Toy Auctions 4.5 22
The Auction Centre 4.4 38
Edward Mellor Auction 4.2 20
Bolton Auction Rooms 4.1 99
Manheim Manchester Auction 4.0 125

Most reviewed best online auction in Manchester

Auction Reviews Rating
Simon Charles Auctioneers & Valuers Ltd 619 2.6
Global Auctioneers 350 2.6
Warrington & Northwich Auction 166 3.6
Manheim Manchester Auction 125 4.0
Shepherd’s Auctions Ltd 118 3.5
Auction House Manchester 112 5.0
Bolton Auction Rooms 99 4.1
Charles Taylor 71 3.8
Omega Auctions – Newton Le Willows 64 4.7

Out of the top ten online auctions, Auction House Manchester and Aintree Antique are tied for first place, both receiving perfect ratings of 5.0 stars, making them the best-rated online auctions in Manchester.  The only difference between these two online auctioneers is in the number of reviews, 112 and 14, respectively. The majority of the listed online auctioneers did, however, manage to receive an average rating of four points. This is a job well done in a field where competition is set to increase. 

On the other hand, Simon Charles Auctioneers & Valuers Ltd did quite well in terms of reviews, garnering roughly 619 reviews, making them the most-reviewed online auction in Manchester. Global Auctioneers follows in second place with 350 reviews and Warrington & Northwich Auction in third position with 166 reviews. Given how busy these online auctions are, getting feedback from a sizable sample of customers, makes this appear more noteworthy. Bravo to them for receiving so many favourable comments and evaluations.

Winding Up the Best Online Auctions in Manchester

In conclusion, online auctions are a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible platform for buyers and sellers alike. They offer a unique and exciting way to buy and sell items, making them a popular option for individuals and organizations. Complementarily, customer reviews are an important source of information for online auction buyers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions and avoid potential scams or poor-quality products.

We therefore recommend online auction organizations to contact eKomi right away if they want to increase the number of positive reviews. eKomi specializes in increasing customer satisfaction and ranking. A free consultation will provide the necessary information on how to best achieve this goal without wasting time and struggling alone against today’s powerful competition.


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