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The Top Large Retailers in the UK

Top Large Retailers in the UK

Top Large Retailers in the UK

Top Large Retailers in the UK

The battle between in-person and online shopping has refined consumer desires. Believe it or not, most consumers today prefer online shopping because it combines the speed and experience of in-shop shopping with the convenience and reach of the internet. Therefore, the claim that reviews will fundamentally change the eCommerce sector as we know it today is not in doubt. In this article, eKomi gives an overview of the top large retailers in the UK.

Understanding Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are among the latest buzzwords in the online marketplace. So, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand how damaging bad online reviews can be for a brand. Above all, customer satisfaction determines which retailers will survive and thrive. In fact, retailers can learn more about customer satisfaction by reading customer reviews.

The feedback enables retailers to solve customers’ problems and build a base of loyal customers. In reality, this is the best approach to improving a brand’s reputation and attracting more customers than just shoppers. It is also common knowledge that companies with a good reputation make more money because they have lower costs and a stable customer base.

A Market Overview of UK’s Large Retailers

Retail is defined as businesses that sell new and used goods to the public for private use. Stores, department stores, supermarkets, market stalls, door-to-door sales, and online retailers are all part of retail. In today’s digital world, retail is being impacted by the growing trend of online shopping. Nevertheless, the industry has seen changes before, and most retailers have survived major market challenges.

According to the UK Retail Facts and Stats (2022) report, more than 300,000 different businesses make up the UK retail sector. It employs more than 3 million people, or more than 8% of all jobs in the UK, and provides customers with essential goods and services that meet their needs and wants.

eKomi’s Review

What is important, however, is the speed at which consumer behaviour changes, which is undoubtedly the most important variable. In general, reputation is an important factor for consumers when choosing a trader to shop with.

Moreover, if a retailer has favourable online reviews, potential buyers are more likely to choose that retailer. Consequently, maintaining customer satisfaction is a strategy for long-term success. Customers stay longer when they are satisfied with the service, which increases retailers’ sales and profits.

For analysis purposes, we have selected the largest shops of the UK’s leading retailers. However, it is important to note that some other shops perform exceptionally well and some are highly rated. But let us get into the statistics. Our StarInsights report is based solely on official Google ratings and reviews.

Top-rated retail store in the UK

Retail Store Ratings Number of Reviews
Lidl 4.5 1110
ALDI 4.4 1470
Marks and Spencer 4.3 7108
Sainsbury’s 4.2 3110
Morrisons 4.2 2524
Apple Covent Garden 4.1 4248
Co-operative 4.1 295
Boots 4.0 450
Tesco 3.8 676
Asda 3.7 842

Most-reviewed retailers in the UK

Retail Store Number of Reviews Ratings
Marks and Spencer 7108 4.3
Apple Covent Garden 4248 4.1
Sainsbury’s 3110 4.2
Morrisons 2524 4.2
ALDI 1470 4.4
Lidl 1110 4.5
Asda 842 3.7
Tesco 676 3.8
Boots 450 4.0
Co-operative 295 4.1

Lidl tops the list with a top rating of 4.5 stars from 1110 reviews, followed by ALDI with a 4.4-star rating from 1470 reviews and Marks and Spencer in third place with a 4.3-star rating from 7108 reviews. In terms of ratings, Marks and Spencer is the top-rated retailer with 7108 ratings, followed by Apple Covent Garden with 4248 ratings and Sainsbury’s is in third place with 3110 ratings.

Congratulations to the listed businesses for their exceptional performance and inspiring marketing efforts. These retailers are making tremendous efforts to improve their reviews to enhance their online image and visibility.

Bottom Line

From the evidence presented above, there is no denying the great influence of customer satisfaction, reviews and ratings on retail. To protect your reputation, you should constantly monitor what customers are saying. Although customers read positive reviews, they are more likely to focus on negative reviews to see how a problem was solved.

Authentic customer reviews collected by third-party providers like eKomi build trust in your business and help you increase sales. The eKomi team is making a customer satisfaction rating offer to all retailers in the UK, which includes a free consultation to determine a business’s level of growth and increase its sales performance and online search traffic.


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