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Top 10 Safety Supply Companies in Cape Town,

StarInsights - Reviews Rating Safety Supply Cape Town

StarInsights - Reviews Rating Safety Supply Cape Town

Top 10 Safety Supply Companies in Cape Town, South Africa 

To live a safe life, we need to make sure that some safety protocols are followed in each individual human life. Safety supplies and protective gear like helmets and protective clothing help businesses ensure that all safety regulations are followed, while also keeping work sites safe. The workers are kept safe by this safety measure. 

In SA, with many private safety supply businesses that exist, it is quite difficult to select the best supplier. To this end, in today’s StarInsights report we examine the best safety supply companies in Cape Town, based on publicly available data from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated rating and review system.

Top 10 Safety Supply Companies in Cape Town – Overview

Also referred to as PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), denotes any personal protective equipment, including clothing, that helps shield one from potential harm while working. This includes respiratory masks, body armour, head protection, eye protection, hand protection, and foot armour.

PPE can lessen the severity of potential injuries and assist in preventing accidents from happening. Even when there isn’t an immediate threat, it’s still important to wear PPE whenever working in a potentially hazardous environment.

Like no other crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic had a profound effect on supply chains, governments, industries, and populations. Due to this pandemic, the PPE industry has consequently gained attention. It helped various nations understand how crucial it is to build domestic supply chains rather than importing them.

Safety supply companies have evolved over the years, today, the PPE gears come with numerous unique features to provide maximum safety and durability. Although the market is dominated by established manufacturers, it is also partially fragmented with the presence of several small and medium-sized players. This makes the sector highly competitive, hence product innovation is given top priority.

In the same manner, the comparison of safety supply companies based on prices, and quality of products has become less significant, as there are new ways that are crucial to consider when looking for a PPE supplier. There’s no other option except to assess online reviews and ratings of such consumer-based businesses.

The single most effective method of establishing feedback, satisfaction, and trust systems are through customer reviews. Reviews and ratings are crucial as they typically shape a client’s first impression. Therefore, using rankings and evaluations given by clients via Google Maps, we curated a listing of the top ten safety suppliers within Cape Town.

Top 10 Safety supply company in Cape Town

PPE supplier


Number of Reviews

Dromex – CPT 5.0 2
Safety Express Stromberg – Cape Town 5.0 1
North Safety Products 4.8 4
Essential Safety Wear 4.5 2
Pienaar Brothers (Pty) Ltd 4.2 197
Safety Mate 4.2 11
Parksafe Protective Safetyware cc 3.9 16
Select PPE Distribution Warehouse & Direct Sales – Cape Town 3.5 6
Phoenix industrial & safety supplies 3.3 3
G. Fox (Cape Town) 2.7 16

Most reviewed safety supply company in Cape Town

PPE supplier

Number of Reviews


Pienaar Brothers (Pty) Ltd 197 4.2
Parksafe Protective Safetyware cc 16 3.9
G. Fox (Cape Town) 16 2.7
Safety Mate 11 4.2
Select PPE Distribution Warehouse & Direct Sales – Cape Town 6 3.5
North Safety Products 4 4.8
Phoenix industrial & safety supplies 3 3.3
Dromex – CPT 2 5.0
Essential Safety Wear 2 4.5
Safety Express Stromberg – Cape Town 1 5.0

After evaluating the data, it can be noted that there’s a need for a more significant number of positive reviews as safety supply companies cater for the lives of millions of people. They deal with customers daily, from face-to-face consultations to giving information online, and it is paramount that other prospective purchasers of the service see positive reviews online, as they are great influencers of choice.

The concluding information presents Pienaar Brothers (Pty) Ltd as the foremost PPE supplier in terms of views, with a total of 197 reviews and a stable 4.2-star rating. Tied in the second position are Parksafe Protective Safetyware and G. Fox (Cape Town), with the same number of reviews 16. The difference between the two lies in the rating, 3.9 stars and 2.7 stars, respectively.

From the findings, it’s important to understand that review quantity is just as important to take into account as review quality. The number of reviews has a big impact on consumer behaviour, according to many companies that rely on online reviews to increase conversions.

When a customer uses a product, a number of factors are at work. Customers who write reviews are likely to share their impressions, preferences, and experiences. Thus, some ideas may be expressed more forcefully than others. When making a decision, customers read a variety of reviews rather than concentrating on just a few.

While eKomi congratulates the CEOs of the leading companies in both categories, we feel the need to point out the number of reviews because such low numbers may not be standard enough to convince others to look for the same service. We urge safety supplier companies to invest in branding, marketing, and sales development through partnerships with review agencies such as eKomi, to record improvements in profits and customer relationships. 

We will be documenting a follow-up evaluation in the next three months on which PPE company will be the best and most rated in Cape Town.

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