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Join us as we evaluate the car manufacturing and assembly operations in South Africa. Whether you have had a positive or less than impressive experience with car manufacturers or car dealers or are battling to resolve a complaint relating to the automotive industry, this article is here to help.

eKomi offers a transparent, effective way for consumers to leave car manufacturers and dealers reviews. Therefore, the StarInsights are aimed at helping businesses think through and unravel their toughest organizational challenges, so they can find clarity, manage reputations, stay relevant in their respective industries, and maximize their impact.

Many consumers already know what they want when it comes to the automotive business. Their opinions cannot be altered by you, but they may be altered by your online review profile and the positive client feedback you have obtained.

Industry Overview

Since 1924, South Africa has been involved in the assembly of cars and small trucks. The provinces of the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and Kwazulu-Natal are now home to the majority of the world’s major automakers, such as Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Kia etc.

Overall, South Africa’s (SA) automotive industry is ranked the 24th-biggest vehicle manufacturer in the world and accounts for more than two-thirds of Africa’s total. Being the third-largest sector of the SA economy, the automotive sector employs a sizable workforce and contributes to the GDP of the country.

Car manufacturers operate in a highly competitive and dynamic environment that is growing at a tremendous rate due to international/local competition and changing demands of the customers.

It’s also getting harder for different brands to remain lucrative and competitive because new rivals are constantly joining the market and establishing new competing brands.

Often, people mistake a car manufacturer for a car dealer or dealership. A car dealer is a customer of the manufacturer. Dealers purchase vehicles from the manufacturer and then resell them to the public. 

The transformation of the business of manufacturing cars, assembling cars, selling cars and trucks is happening before our eyes at an incredible pace. This promises to change forever an industry that has long existed. 

In response, vehicle manufacturers finally are getting serious about marketing, and confronting the weaknesses placed in their traditional franchised-dealer distribution channels. With this revolutionary approach, REVIEWS & RATINGS is the only solution to gain market share, growth and high sales.

Manufacturers are increasing their involvement in client needs to improve profitability and market share. This changes the basis of competition from designing and making good products to providing services and managing consumers. To this end, consumers remain the bloodline. 

Customers will always have mixed perceptions, and with no doubt their voice is trusted more than a brand’s own reputation. Without further ado, let’s get to the statistics: 

Most Rated Car Manufacturers in SA

Car Manufacturer


Number of Reviews

BWM 4.5 704
Volkswagen 4.5 144
Mercedes  4.3 312
Toyota 4.2 121
Renault  4.1 471
Hyundai  4.1 169
Kia  3.9 252
Isuzu 3.7 3
Suzuki  3.6 213
Ford 3.6 42
Nissan  3.6 11


Most Reviewed Car Manufacturers in SA

Car Manufacturer

Number of Reviews


BWM 704 4.5
Renault  471 4.1
Mercedes 312 4.3
Kia 252 3.9
Suzuki 213 3.6
Hyundai 169 4.1
Volkswagen 144 4.5
Toyota 121 4.2
Haval  40 3.2
Opel 13 3.0


Based on the official Google+ MyBusiness ratings, as of June 23, 2022, the top spot for the best-rated car manufacturer in SA is level pegging with BMW and Volkswagen earning a 4.5 star rating. However, they have different numbers of reviews obtained 704 and 144 respectively.

Mercedes-Benz is rated 4.3 star with 312 reviews, followed by Toyota with 121 reviews and a 4.2 star rating. Congratulations to the best-rated car manufacturers for their exceptional performance and innovative marketing efforts.

These car manufacturers are working extremely hard to boost their reviews in order to enhance their online presence and visibility.  By emphasizing meaningful connections with clients, they have adopted a forward-thinking strategy.

Compliments to the CEO of the best-rated car manufacturers in SA, namely Peter van Binsbergen, the CEO of the BMW Group SA, Thomas Schaefer, the CEO of Volkswagen SA and Andreas Engling, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz SA. Through their leadership, they’ve provided, developed innovative technology, and created excellent customer service. 

Earning positive reviews and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is key to success in this increasingly competitive market. Most organizations don’t have a strong review portfolio, so organizations that prioritize review management will reap significant rewards.

Car manufacturers or any other organizations that have low ratings and few ratings, no reviews, or what is available lacks credibility: the opportunity has just presented itself, get a free consultation with the eKomi agency, a Google verified global feedback company.


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