An assessment of Cape Town’s Top Pet Groomers

An assessment of Cape Town Pet Groomers

Top Pet Groomers in Cape Town

Pet grooming frequently entails leaving your pet in the care of someone who will use grooming tools like shears and clippers for several hours, so do your research and find a groomer you can trust. Therefore, today’s StarInsights report focuses on the top ten customer-rated and reviewed pet groomers in Cape Town. We aim to assist pet groomers in recognising the need to serve both animals and their owners better while increasing revenue through increased sales volume!

Industry Overview

Pet groomers must provide high-quality services that satisfy their customers and leave them fond memories of the experience. In addition, a good pet groomer should give animals adequate care and attention, whether trimming their fur or washing them after playing in the dirt.

At the same time, pet owners are constantly on the lookout for reputable pet groomers. But, first, they must find someone who will provide excellent service and has positive feedback from previous customers. 

Customers can use reviews to find reputable pet grooming centres, avoid those with poor services and a reputation for fraudulently charging extra fees on top-of-the-price lists, and learn what previous customers experienced when they visited a pet groomer.

Reviews are an excellent resource for determining the level of service provided by pet groomers. By carefully reading customer reviews, people can choose which pet groomers offer superior services and which they should avoid at all costs to protect their investment with reputable companies that treat pets properly.

Top-rated pet groomers

Grooming Company Rating Number of Reviews
Jeni’s Pet Parlour 4.8 188
Tip Top Dog & Cat Groomers (Hout-Bay) 4.8 49
Just Groom it – Pet Grooming service 4.7 196
Groomers Dog Parlour 4.7 91
The Fluffia Pet Grooming Specialists 4.6 51
Paw Pets 4.5 83
@Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre 4.4 196
Dogland Groomers 4.4 80
The Dog Box 4.2 71
Tip Top Dog Groomers – Gardens 4.2 50

Most reviewed pet groomers

Grooming Company Number of Reviews Rating
Just Groom it – Pet Grooming service 196 4.7
@Frits Dog Hotel & Daycare Centre 196 4.4
Jeni’s Pet Parlour 188 4.7
Groomers Dog Parlour 91 4.7
Paw Pets 83 4.5
Dogland Groomers 80 4.4
The Dog Box 71 4.2
The Fluffia Pet Grooming Specialists 51 4.6
Tip Top Dog Groomers – Gardens 50 4.2
Tip Top Dog & Cat Groomers (Hout Bay) 49 4.8

Following the official Google My Business Ratings as of March 13, 2023, the best-rated Pet Grooming centre is Jeni’s Pet Parlour and Tip Top Dog & Cat Groomers (Hout-Bay) with both a 4.8 rating and the difference lying in the number of reviews 188 and 49 reviews, respectively. Just Groom it – Pet Grooming service and Groomers Dog Parlour comes next, both with a 4.7-star rating with the difference in the number of reviews, 196 and 91, respectively. 

Cheers to the best-rated Pet Grooming centres for their tremendous performance and exceptional efforts. These Pet Grooming centres are exerting maximum power to increase their reviews and foster a better reputation.

Thumbs up! To the CEOs of the best-rated Pet Grooming centres, notably the CEOs of the listed groomers in the above tables, for their commendable leadership. These leaders recognised the value of positive reviews and ratings and worked diligently to build customer satisfaction ratings to the highest, which is the goal of maintaining relevance in a highly competitive market. They worked so that customers can have a satisfying experience with them, which is crucial for business success.

Way Forward

eKomi is the best way to get your Google reviews up. eKomi has helped different pet grooming centres get stellar reviews, which will make it easier for people who need pet grooming services to find you. With a few simple steps, eKomi will make sure that the best of what you offer shows up on search engines like Google for people to find! Schedule a free consultation today to know where things stand, talk about boosting reviews in order to increase your customer base and rank higher on Google. 


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