Top Plumbers in Cape Town, South Africa – eKomi StarInsights report


People will always need plumbers, and it’s not just a mere opinion!

Plumbing is an integral part of modern-day life. Without good and competent plumbers, diseases would be rife; sanitation non-existent, clean drinking water from a tap only a dream, and central heating would consist of a coal or log fire.

Exceptionally few things can be as distressing as a plumbing emergency; this is why most plumbers provide an emergency 24h a day service.

Therefore, when comparing plumbers in Cape Town, eKomi StarInsights helps you review, compare and rate specialist service providers easily, quickly and online

Making it easy to browse plumbing company reviews to see what else has been said or commented on reviews. Quite ideal for making an informed decision. So consider this the next time you call a plumber.

Industry Overview

Most plumbing contractors provide services that range from residential plumbing to commercial plumbing. Some companies are also involved in the planning and installing plumbing in new buildings.

South Africa has hundreds of plumbing contractors. There are over 126 000 plumbers and apprentices working in South Africa, according to Statistics South Africa. (Stats SA, 2019).

This competitive industry is made up of independent owner-operated businesses and franchises, and it is pretty amazing to realize that no one company dominates the marketplace.

Most customers suggest you ask your plumber about qualifications and registration to ensure the best service. However, this only reveals half the picture. Customers need recommendations and testimonials, and as such, through the collection of reviews online, some plumbing companies get a more significant market share.

The result, in many cases, is better visibility and more consistent business. We will be looking at the best plumbing companies that provide excellent and top-notch services based on the reviews and ratings they have received from clients. 

In light of this, our StarInsights report has narrowed down this enormous industry and concentrated on plumbing companies that span around Cape Town as a specimen City.

Most Rated Plumbing Company in Cape Town

Plumbing Company


Number of Reviews

Mountain Plumbing 5.0 253
Johan Newtech Plumbers Cape Town 5.0 61
Divine Touch Plumbing 5.0 58
Ray and Sons Plumbers (Pty) Ltd 4.9 118
Thompson’s Plumbing 4.9 58
Absolute Plumbing Cape Town 4.8 62
Greenz Plumbing & Drainage 4.7 75
Bob the Plumber 4.7 49
Schmidhauser Electrical And Plumbing 4.4 177
Drainmen Services 4.4 68

Most Reviewed Plumbing Companies in Cape Town

Plumbing Company

Number of Reviews


Mountain Plumbing 253 5.0
Schmidhauser Electrical And Plumbing 177 4.4
Ray and Sons Plumbers (Pty) Ltd 118 4.9
Greenz Plumbing & Drainage 75 4.7
Drainmen Services 68 4.4
Absolute Plumbing Cape Town 62 4.8
Johan Newtech Plumbers Cape Town 61 5.0
Divine Touch Plumbing 58 5.0
Thompson’s Plumbing 58 4.9
Bob the Plumber 49 4.7

Our StarInsights Report is based on official Google Maps ratings and reviews of June 24, 2022. 

Congratulations to Mountain Plumbing for being the most reviewed plumbing company in Cape Town. They obtained 253 reviews with a 5-star rating. The result of Mountain Plumbing is fantastic because having a good rating with a large sample size is desirable. 

Compliments also go to Johan Newtech Plumbers and Divine Touch Plumbing as the most rated plumbing companies obtaining a 5-star rating, with the difference only laying in the number of reviews 61 and 58, respectively.

Special commendation goes to the CEO of the best rated and reviewed plumbing companies in Cape Town, namely Eligh Bollethe the CEO of Mountain Plumbing, Johan Naude the CEO of Johan Newtech Plumbers and Joseph Siyafa, the CEO of Divine Touch Plumbing. Through their leadership, they’ve provided, developed innovative technology, and created excellent customer service.

This industry is highly competitive, and only the fittest can survive, as illustrated above. Therefore, it cannot go unnoticed that the other listed companies are doing exceptionally well, as they have been rated positively and made it to this analysis.

eKomi wants more businesses to know the correlation between online star ratings and sales. It has been revealed that customers have access to more resources and are more likely to locate a product that meets their specific needs. Therefore, the collection of reviews remains the best vehicle to rise to the top rank for any business.

While plumbers are beginning to use the internet to expand their advertising visibility, their services do not generally offer exposure on dedicated websites. Nonetheless, with Google Maps, you can search to locate a plumber in your specific geographical location.

For Plumbing companies, working with eKomi will be ideal. eKomi has the added benefit of providing online ratings and customer reviews through a systematic and authentic process, so you can quickly obtain accurate information on service providers’ value.


Like many other industries that rely on a high degree of service quality and craft, plumbers face a tough road regarding reputation. The best plumbers will consistently get glowing plumbing reviews. The worst plumbers, meanwhile, will typically receive poor plumbing reviews.

When it comes to profitable growth, any business owner needs to stay ahead of the competition by following new trends, and the same may be said of the plumbing industry. 

From offering modern products to leveraging online strategies that reach your target audience, these digital plumbing trends may help you facilitate a seamless customer journey and keep your business thriving.  

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