Top-rated African Restaurants in Cape Town, South Africa


The Mother City ‘Cape Town’ is undoubtedly considered one of the most significant cultural melting pots in South Africa. Visitors can find many things, from tourist destinations to lovely beaches to delectable food.

The first city of South Africa is loaded with African restaurants dishing out delicious food from all over the continent. You’ll have plenty of options, whether you want a flavorful North African tagine, spicy East African injera bread, the renowned Kaapstad Braai (Shisanyamas), or a more modern take on the country’s traditional cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

We have compiled a list of African restaurants in Cape Town with their current rankings online to assist you in making an informed choice about where to eat.

Industry Overview

Generally, the word restaurant refers to the area of the service sector that is concentrated on providing food services in restaurants, bars, cafés, and other similar venues.

Many restaurants include fast food joints, chain restaurants, and independent eateries. Even if they provide other services, a business can be categorized as a restaurant if it allows clients to come, order food, and consume it there.

Regarding African restaurants, the term ‘African food’ is comprehensive. It is mainly due to unique flavors, recipes, spice blends, and culture.

You cannot mention African food without culture. The whole point is that the food reflects history, values, and culture that has been imprinted on various delicacies.

With this in mind, one can eat food from around Africa if one visits the African restaurants in Cape Town. African cuisine is more than simply the food; it also celebrates the continent’s music, dancing, culture, and exceptional hospitality. 

Being a highly competitive industry, most business owners go out of their way to uphold a good reputation that can attract business. As such, consumers’ eating experience will undoubtedly be memorable due to all of this.

Restaurant owners should recognize the impact of online reviews on restaurants, since reviews can make or break their business. Positive reviews increase a restaurant’s customer base and grow revenue. It can only be achieved if the restaurant collects reviews and ratings as feedback from the customers.

You may stand out from the competition with dependable testimonials from previous and new clients.

Top-rated African Restaurants in Cape Town



Number of Reviews

Ethiopian Madam Taitou 4.7 548
Mzansi Restaurant 4.7 326
Gold Restaurant 4.6 2070
Pahari African Restaurant 4.6 402
Little Ethiopia 4.6 134
Marco’s African Place 4.5 1381
Black Sheep 4.5 1005
Afro Life Petro’s Kitchen 4.5 263
Meeting Point-Tanzanian East African Cuisine 4.5 220
Fatima’s West Africa Restaurant 4.5 138

Most reviewed African Restaurants


Number of Reviews


Gold Restaurant 2070 4.6
Marco’s African Place 1381 4.5
Black Sheep 1005 4.5
Ethiopian Madam Taitou 548 4.7
Pahari African Restaurant 402 4.6
Mzansi Restaurant 326 4.7
Afro Life Petro’s Kitchen 263 4.5
Meeting Point-Tanzanian East African Cuisine 220 4.5
Fatima’s West Africa Restaurant 138 4.5
Little Ethiopia 134 4.6

According to the official Google+ MyBusiness ratings, as of June 28, 2022, the most rated African restaurants in Cape Town (CBD) are; Ethiopian Madam Taitou and Mzansi Kitchen, both tied at a 4.7-star rating, with the difference only lying in the number of reviews 548 and 326 respectively.

The Gold Restaurant, Pahari African Restaurant, and Little Ethiopia are the second most rated African Restaurants with a 4.6-star rating. This industry is highly competitive; as shown by the results above; they have a tight star rating, with the number of reviews being the only differentiating factor.

The remaining restaurants on the list are the least rated with a stable 4.5 star rating. Congratulations to these top-rated establishments. It must be acknowledged that receiving at least a 4.5-star rating reveals that these restaurants are doing their best to be among the top in such a competitive industry. Investing in their customers needs to maintain a good reputation.

Restaurants can use eKomi, a Google feedback company equipped with the right tools to help collect authentic reviews that boost your company’s reputation. Collect more reviews to create a strong presence and relationship with your customers.

Since the ultimate goal is to make more money, customer reviews are a sure-shot way to establish trust, satisfaction, and feedback systems. 

In three months, we shall again look at the stats to check if more restaurants are investing in improving their online reputation.

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