Top-rated furniture stores in SA

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Top-rated furniture stores in South Africa (SA)

Introduction to Furniture stores in SA

South Africa (SA) has a large and varied furniture sector. There are businesses that produce furniture stores for the public, businesses that specialise in a single area, such as producing only office equipment, and businesses that import furniture from specific countries to meet the needs of potential customers.

Uniformly, the best furniture retailers in SA accommodate consumers based on the same variants. Your specific needs will determine which furniture store you choose. 

With this in mind, everyone requires furniture, which is an undeniable component of our existence; thus we all require a comfortable bed to sleep in, a relaxing chair to work in, and a plush couch for everything in between.

As a result, today’s eKomi StarInsights examines the top home furniture retailers stores in SA to help you avoid post-purchase disappointment, we have rounded up the top ten furniture stores that generally have a decent online presence, through publicly released results from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews.

Industry Overview Furniture Stores

A furniture retailer is a shop that sells movable, generally functional, articles that equip a room, house, etc. The products are portable furniture designed to serve different human activities like sleeping, eating, and sitting (such as stools, chairs, beds, and sofas). Additionally, furniture can be used to store items or hold objects at a comfortable height for working (as horizontal surfaces above the ground, like tables, cupboards, shelves, and desks). 

Furniture is regarded as a type of ornamental art and can be the result of design. In addition to its practical use, furniture can also have symbolic or religious significance. Metal, plastic, and wood are just a few of the materials that can be used to create it. A variety of woodworking joints can be used to create furniture, and these joints frequently represent the local culture.

The best furniture retailers provide the largest market size with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Prices, however, may vary based on the product or brand. High-end fixtures will inevitably cost more, but the overall goal for all retailers is to provide high-quality furniture that the majority of people can afford.

Nonetheless, with the advent of the internet, One would be happy to learn that all you have to do is go online. The greatest place to get high-quality furniture in SA without the trouble of visiting different stores is online furniture stores. Alternatively, some furniture retailers have both physical stores and are present online.

Of importance, is how customer reviews have a significant impact on customer purchasing behaviour and buying decisions. Generally, marketers that want to draw in new consumers and retain the ones they already have monitors their online reviews, comprehend customer wants and expectations, and build a likable and engaging brand reputation.

Top-rated furniture retailers in SA

Furniture Retailer


Number of Reviews

Eco Furniture Design 4.8 138
Full House Furniture 4.4 34
Tafelberg Furnishers 4.3 1381
@homelivingspace 4.3 161
Decofurn Furniture 4.1 2282
Mr Price Home 4.0 1307
Home Choice 3.8 771
Weylandts 3.7 60
Lewis 2.9 51

Most-reviewed furniture stores in SA

Furniture Retailer

Number of Reviews


Decofurn Furniture 2282 4.1
Tafelberg Furnishers 1381 4.3
Mr Price Home 1307 4.0
Home Choice 771 3.8
@homelivingspace 161 4.3
Eco Furniture Design 138 4.8
Weylandts 60 3.7
Lewis 51 2.9
Full House Furniture 34 4.4

Based on the official Google My Business ratings, as of August 5, 2022, the best-rated furniture retailers in SA is Eco Furniture Design with a 4.8-star rating, followed by CORICRAFT and Full House Furniture who are tied for the second position both securing a 4.4-star rating with the difference on lying in the number of reviews, 42 and 34 respectively. 

In terms of reviews, Decofurn Furniture is the most reviewed with a stunning 2282 reviews, followed by Tafelberg Furnishers with 1381 reviews and Mr. Price Home closely following with 1307 reviews. These furniture retailers have made considerable progress in delivering a better experience for their customers. They put a strong emphasis on building meaningful relationships with their customers.

Great job to the CEOs of the listed retailers for understanding the importance of reviews. It’s crucial to realise that customer reviews serve as the foundation of any company because they serve as recommendations for promoting business. They are also a crucial element in driving overall website traffic, thereby increasing revenue-generating activities from visitors.

Contact eKomi right away if you want to increase the number of positive reviews for your company. eKomi specialises in increasing customer satisfaction and ranking. A free consultation will provide you with the necessary information on how to best achieve this goal without wasting time struggling alone against today’s powerful competition.

In three months’ time, another StarInsights report will be published on furniture retailers in SA, conducting an in-depth analysis of changes that have occurred. Ensure that you keep an eye out for the updated report!

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