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Finding adequate car insurance in South Africa can be challenging. To assist you in making a decision, this StarInsights report evaluated the top ten car insurance providers in South Africa (SA). 

We at eKomi are aware of the numerous financial hazards associated with car ownership. A car insurance policy in SA is a must-have since it lowers your risk of financial difficulties by covering damage to your vehicle and other situations where you may be responsible for paying costs and other responsibilities. 

Therefore, selecting the best car insurance company is crucial, and you shouldn’t decide solely on price. One requires to verify if the insurance provides for all of your demands.

According to client feedback, we list the best ten car insurance providers in SA based on client reviews and ratings from Google My Business data as of July 1st, 2022.

Googling car insurance companies will help one learn more about the various vehicle insurance companies. Customers often gain insight into how insurance companies operate, what prior purchasers had to say, which insurers provide exceptional customer service, and whether they should choose that insurance company by reading reviews online.

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll have to determine which insurance company best serves your needs. Some of the factors that you should consider are:

  • How much cover do you require?
  • Which insurance company offers the best returns over the long run?
  • Is the company reputable, and what is its track record like?
  • Is there a money-back option for you when you don’t claim?
  • Are you able to combine options, for instance car and bike insurance?
  • Do you get a discount if you take vehicle, home and buildings insurance?
  • Are they able to provide vehicle tracking and telematics and discounts on premiums?

Industry Overview

In the broad sense of the term, insurance is a setting whereby an insurance corporation agrees to administer a guarantee of compensating someone for damages, loss, or death. Additionally, this compensation comes in exchange for the remittance of a set fee.

In simpler terms, this means someone pays an agreed amount of cash to the corporation prior to any occurrence. This money will cover any future damage to assets under the insurance cover.

On the other hand, car insurance is a contract between a vehicle owner and the insurance provider that safeguards the vehicle owner from financial loss in the case of an accident or theft. The insurance provider promises to cover your losses in accordance with your policy’s terms in return for a premium payment from you.

Basically, the insurance company achieves this by compensating such persons after the loss of the asset. Insurance is like saving up after you have plenty against the rainy days.

When you have insurance, you don’t need to worry if your car is stolen or damaged; your insurer will compensate you by paying for the repair cost of your vehicle. Also, if your damaged car is beyond repair or stolen, your insurance simply gets you a brand-new car.

Unlike most first world countries where car insurance is compulsory by law. Contradictorily in SA car insurance is compulsory by law except for special cases, for instance if you purchase a car on a bank loan or if it’s financed a car policy is inevitable.

The applicable financial institution or bank will require car insurance if a vehicle is purchased with a loan from one of these institutions. Given the frequency of accidents on SA highways each year and the high rate of crimes like car theft, it is a required investment

There are the three types of car insurance that are accessible to owners of vehicles, along with the regulations that go along with them.

Third-Party Car Insurance: This type of car insurance is one of the cheapest, but offers lesser cover. It only covers the damages done to another vehicle. One may be saving on monthly premiums but will pay out more in crucial scenarios.

Limited Car Insurance: Limited car insurance provides insurance coverage against third-party claims and for loss or damage as a result of fire, theft and hijacking. However, it is important to note that it does not cover for damages should one be involved in an accident. It is also considered a cheaper car insurance option. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is the most extensive car insurance insisted upon by financial institutions and banks when a vehicle is purchased with a loan. Regardless of how the vehicle has been purchased, comprehensive car insurance is a necessity and not a luxury. Although more expensive than the other two types of car insurance, comprehensive car insurance covers in the event of damage, theft, accidents, and more. 

Third-party claims are included in this cover as well. Depending on one’s insurer and the make and model of the vehicle, there may be higher expenses to be paid in the case of hijacking, theft or fire.

It is clear that the foundation of this sector is trust. As a result, through reviews and ratings, car insurance companies may evaluate their successes, suggest adjustments that might improve future results, and, most importantly, pinpoint the steps they need to take to ensure that their customers get what they need.

Top-rated Car Insurance companies

Car Insurance Company


Number of Reviews

AA Car INSURANCE 4.4 363
Auto & General 3.9 737
OUTsurance 3.9 702
King Price 3.4 702
MiWay 3.2 1545
Budget Insurance 3.2 418
1st For Women 3.0 329
IWyze 2.7 432
Discovery 2.7 197
Momentum 2.5 15

Top-reviewed car insurance companies

Car Insurance Company

Number of Reviews


MiWay 1545 3.2
Auto & General 737 3.9
OUTsurance 702 3.9
King Price 702 3.4
IWyze 432 2.7
Budget Insurance 418 3.2
AA Car INSURANCE 363 4.4
1st For Women 329 3.0
Discovery 197 2.7
Momentum 15 2.5

According to the figures shown above, AA Car Insurance has a commanding lead over other car insurance companies in SA that are listed after it. They top the list with a stable 4.4-star rating with 363 reviews, followed by Auto General and OUTsurance tied on 3.9-star rating with the difference in the number of reviews 737 and 702 respectively.

In terms of the top-reviewed car insurer, MiWay tops the list with 1545 reviews, followed by Auto General with 737 reviews, while OUTsurance and King Price could not be separated as both have 702 reviews.

Congratulations to the listed top reviewed and top-rated insurance companies in SA for taking a customer centred approach that enables trust in their brand. In this increasingly competitive business, this executive recognized that gaining favourable evaluations and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is critical to success.

Although the ratings of the other listed insurers are noteworthy based on a small number of reviews, it’s crucial to realize that more online reviews translate into a more significant business, sales, and growth.

Based on our findings, it’s important to understand that when searching for car insurance, there are numerous firms from which to choose. Therefore, we recommend that before you locate an insurance plan that properly suits your needs, you probably have to perform a lot of comparison shopping. 

Keeping in mind what you require from the insurance provider and how much you can afford to pay in premiums. Even while shopping for insurance can occasionally be very stressful, once you have it, you can drive in peace knowing that you won’t be left without money if something awful happens.


To assure success in this trust-based industry, car insurance providers must invest in gathering reviews. It has been discovered that customers have more resources and are more likely to find a product that satisfies their particular requirements. Hence, collecting reviews continues to be the most effective means of helping any organization reach the top.

From the information in this star insight, you are now able to shop for the best car insurance provider that best fits your preferences and is favourable to your lifestyle.

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