Top Used Bicycle Stores in Manchester, UK

Top Used Bicycle Stores in the UK

Top Used Bicycle Stores in Manchester

A brand-new bicycle, like all new things, is thrilling! The prospect of taking it out on the trails for the first time is a great joy. It is untouchable, untarnished, and top-of-the-line. Conversely, second-hand bicycles are as gleaming and may provide the same excitement as a new bike, but with one major difference – PRICE. Just as buying a slightly used car may save you thousands of dollars, you can consider buying a slightly used bicycle for the same reason and still get value for your money. This article is based on research into Used Bicycle Stores in Manchester, UK.

A Market Overview 

Cycling can help protect you from serious diseases like stroke, heart attack, certain cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Cycling is a healthy, fun, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by all ages, and it is easily adaptable to a person’s daily routine when commuting to shops, parks, school, or work. 

Buying a used bike with a few months on it will help you get a better price than the new model. It also helps with lower insurance premiums, and although the difference may not be huge, the age of a bike reduces its value and therefore reduces its insurance premium. Buying a used bike can save you a lot of money, and it is also a good eco-friendly product to buy second-hand, therefore, choosing a place to get a used bike is important to cycling customers.

Most of the time, customers get their business impressions from its online reviews and ratings. eKomi believes that they are essential to business development. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we conducted a study on the best and most rated Used Bicycle Stores in Manchester, UK.

Most reviewed Used Bicycle Store

Store Name  Number of Reviews
Bike for Good – Glasgow West 159
Recycling Elephant and Castle 123
Webuycycle 95
The Bristol Bike Project 95
Bikes For Good Causes, London 72
Bristol UpCycles 44
Bike Shed 41
Cambridge Cyclesmith 23
Stuart’s Bikes 19
Leeds Bike Mill 15

With 159 reviews, Bike for Good – Glasgow West is top of our list, closely followed by Recycling Elephant and Castle with 123 reviews and Webuycycle with 95 reviews. While the former is rated for having easy communication and fantastic customer service, Bike for Good and Recycling Elephant and Castle are described as great services with great workmanship and customer service.

Ratings are also quite significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales. eKomi understands the importance of ratings and completed the StarInsights assessment by compiling a list of the top ten highest-rated Used Bicycle Stores in the UK.

Highest Rated Used Bicycle Stores in the UK

Store Name Rating
Stuart’s Bikes 5.0
Leeds Bike Mill 5.0
Webuycycle 4.9
Bike for Good – Glasgow West 4.5
The Bristol Bike Project 4.4
Bikes For Good Causes, London 4.4
The Bristol Bike Project 4.4
Bristol UpCycles!! 4.3
Bike Shed 4.1
Cambridge Cyclesmith 4.1
Recycling Elephant and Castl 2.8

Stuart’s Bikes and Leeds Bike Mill are our most rated used bicycle stores with a rating of 5.0 stars, and Webuycycle is third on the list with 4.9 stars. This shows that these businesses understand the importance of reviews to business growth.

Bottom Line:  Feedback Collection Tools

eKomi compliments the owners of the top three Used Bicycle Stores in the UK_ in both categories for their excellent services and urges all their competitors in the industry to up their game and reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with an efficient team to produce reviews that are organic and credible. The eKomi team presents all Used Bicycle Stores with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, which includes a free consultation to determine the level of growth a business is at and to heighten its sales development and online search traffic.

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